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No matter if you own a real estate business or if you're selling bars of soaps, everyone uses telemarketing as a tool to expedite sales. But there's nothing more annoying than a sales clerk imploring you to sign a contract with them right then and there!

Not a good look, right? Now imagine your business doing the same thing to everyone on their lazy Sundays. Shuddering at the thought? Well, worry, not! We're here to save you from committing that cardinal sin.

That's where we bring outbound telemarketing services in the picture! To help you and your business get honest clients, without annoying them, we've made a guide to educate you about these services. Ready to reach the sky with these services? Let's start right from the top!

What Do You Mean By Telemarketers?

The word telemarketing refers to the collective work of generating leads, gathering market info, conversing with clients, and potentially increasing sales. All of this takes over the phone.

Telemarketing has proven to be the perfect tool for both small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, large scale businesses can benefit from this by saving time and money.

In simple words, telemarketing is a popular and super easy form of direct marketing. Almost all enterprises prefer this over door to door selling, especially since you don't have to pay the salesperson a vast amount of money for their expenses.

But Then What Are Outbounding Telemarketing Services?

The different types of telemarketing services as follows:

  1. B2B Telemarketing

Specifically, for businesses to make transactions, B2B telemarketing uses calling just as a channel. People involved either use this to sell or to build a link between two companies.

These services are perfect for helping you find the right clients. By increasing brand awareness, B2B telemarketing opens doors to new business opportunities. Thus, helping your brand grow and attracting new clients.

  1. B2C Telemarketing Services

On the flip side, B2C telemarketing targets consumers who have shown interest in your products or services. Since this telemarketing is product-driven, the increase in sales depends on how your telemarketer handles the calls.

Typically this single-step buying and selling process makes it the perfect way to captivate newer clients. Here you don't need to wait for the consumer to call you. Instead, you start to call them. Next, you have to enrapture consumers by strategically marketing your products.

  1. Inbound Telemarketing

As the name suggests, inbound telemarketing involves being patient and waiting for the consumer to call you.

These services are not limited to calls. Rather these can be almost any means of communication, starting from mail right back to messaging. Here you just have to take orders from interested clients. The increase in your sales depends on how friendly and helpful your workers are.

Consumers may pay more if they receive good customer service. The reason being your telemarketers can make clients feel valued.

  1. Outbound Telemarketing

On the other hand, outbound telemarketing refers to calling consumers. Here your operator works on a cold prospect list and does what is known as cold calling.

In outbound telemarketing, the consumers have no idea what your products/services are. You get a blank canvas; if your telemarketer is skilled, your sales will shoot through the roof. To ensure this, you need to make sure your employee knows everything about your product.

Outbound Telemarketing Vs. Inbound Telemarketing

I know there's a question dancing around in your mind: which one should I choose? To save you the mental stress, we've added the critical points about either telemarketing service.

Inbound telemarketing means a customer is going to call you. Maybe they saw your flyer while passing by their favorite street, or perhaps their kid read it to them while coming back home. Either way, the customer is already interested in your service. All you need to do is sell it. Let them know your product is out of the world and make a good sale.

Contrary to this, in outbound services, you have to initiate the call. You make a list of random names, call them, and blow their socks off with how fantastic your services are. Cool, no?

Why Get Outbound Services

Still, confused about why you should be getting outbound services? Allow us to enlighten you!

  • Outbound services are a convenient way to encourage more sales.
  • You can easily connect with prospects. Also, it is easier to clear out any queries your client may have about your products.
  • Calling your potential customers is a whole lot more cost-effective than door-to-door services.
  • Often you lose your lead qualifications due to unclear messages. Calling makes it easier for you to answer their questions and clear confusion.
  • Since someone oversees your outbound teams, you can test different strategies. This check-up helps you land on the best and most effective approach.
  • While surveys are fun and easy to get information from, human representatives easily win over. When consumers talk about their issues with you and feel valued and satisfied in return, your trust points go up. Meaning outbound services are the perfect way to increase sales!

Why Get A Professional Telemarketer

There's nothing worse than putting your business in the hands of an inexperienced worker. You might as well stop producing new products at that point. To create brand awareness, increase trust points, and sell products, you need an expert, experienced worker.

Why? You ask. Well, that's precisely what we've talked about below. Keep reading to find out!

  1. If you didn't quite catch it from above, you need someone with extensive knowledge. By hiring a diligent worker, you can count on them to easily enthrall your clients.
  2. A well-trained and efficient worker is essential to help expedite your sales. To excel in this competitive market, you need someone well-versed, proficient, and adept.
  3. Make sure you hire someone who knows the ins and outs of telemarketing. Not only does your worker need to be knowledgeable, but they should have good decision making power as well.
  4. Last but not least, satisfying your clients means making them happy. Make sure your telemarketer is well-informed as well as friendly.

What Is The Estimated Cost?

Most telemarketers get paid by the hour per call time. On average, this goes from $10 to $70 per hour. On the other, where pay is per lead, it ranges from $35 to $60 per lead.


It's not easy to make decisions for your business. Every step makes you feel like you're on the edge of tripping and falling into the abyss. But with the help of a skilled, dexterous team backing you up, you'll have to worry less.

So, what are you still worrying about your mind about? It's time to take the next best step!

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