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Food is a crucial part of our life with which we get to ponder about agriculture and farming. With this being said, tractors have been designed to ease farmers' lives who are interested and passionate about growing orchards and fields with small seeds. However, there is so much more to tractors than plowing in the fields. This article shares the complete tractor guide, ranging from its types to benefits and costs. Let's get at it!

Tractor – What Is It?

The tractors are designed to be the engineering vehicles to deliver the torque and higher tractive effort (even at the low speeds). These vehicles are designed with hauling trailer configuration and are usually used in the construction and agricultural niches. Usually, the tractors are associated with farming since it provides optimal traction and power to make sure agricultural tasks are being catered to. However, the tractors were mechanized before, but modern factors have devised different types!

Types of Tractors

Earth-Moving Tractors

These tractors are designed with strength in mind, which even makes them heavy. The earth-moving tractors are designed with different track and tire types. These tractors are suitable for construction sites, such as quarries and dams. These tractors move on the ground to dig up holes for the development of basements. They are even used for additional purposes and designed wot last. These tractors are utilized to move and relocate things, such as lumber, debris, mud, dirt, and rocks. It has three different types, such as;

  • Excavators – these tractors are primarily used for digging and demolishing and can be used to shovel the heavy pieces. They are designed with a long bucket arm that's attached to a rotating cab with elevated design to offer better visibility
  • Backhoe Loaders – these tractors are equally suitable for digging holes or breaking down the asphalt surfaces. The tractors are designed with rear buckets and front shovel and digger
  • Bulldozers – these tractors are often named as crawlers and are integrated with huge plates on the front side, which can push around the rocks and dir. It wouldn't be wrong to say that these tractors can be used for cleaning the terrains

Garden Tractors

The garden tractors are designed with one to ten horsepower. However, some modern garden tractors are designed with 20 horsepower and tend to be pretty compact. These tractors are designed for optimizing the grass-cutting tasks and can be utilized for devising the flower beds. The garden tractors are designed with scooters' size of wheels with a thicker configuration.

Implement Carrier Tractors

The implement carrier tractors are designed to carry and mount around different implement types. There is a chassis frame implemented between the rear and front tires for an extension. This is the prime reason that they implement the drills, rotary sweepers, sprayers, dusters, loaders, and seed drills. The implement carrier tractors are designed with different shapes and models with an intent to offer different technologies and features.

Industrial Tractors

The industrial tractors are designed to pull the loads and are even integrated with the crane booms. This makes the tractors able to live the loads easily. One must understand the fact that industrial tractors are not designed with agricultural use in mind but are rather famous for pulling the stuff. The industrial tractors are designed with a drawbar and have different horsepower values.

Orchard Type Tractors

As the name suggests, these tractors are designed especially for the orchards and tend to have a tall configuration. The tall design helps users sit on the tractor and pick fruits for the tress (trimming the trees is also possible). The orchard type tractors are designed with a clear outlook, which makes it easy to use and can be used in every type of orchard. The tires are specialized to meet the orchard types' needs, so it will seamlessly cater to the thorns.

Rotary Tillers

These tractors are the walking type and are designed for small fields, customized to work at different heights. These tillers are perfect for nooks and corners, which cannot be reached with other tractor types. The rotary tillers can even be used over the hills, and blades can be attached for preparing the seedbeds.

Row Crop Tractors

These are the all-around tractors which can be utilized for different purposes, such as plowing, weed control, harrowing, leveling, pulling the seed drills, and can be utilized as water pumps and threshers. The row crop tractors are designed with user-friendly and row-spacing capabilities to optimize productivity. The tractors can be easily steered and are inculcated with the power lift.

Benefits of Tractors

Large Area Workability

The tractors are designed to work on large areas and spaces, making them easy to use in the agricultural field. The tractors are designed to suffice different veggies and fruit seasons. The tractors can be used for planting on huge surfaces, so you can plant more and gain higher profits.


When you are dealing with crops, you need to understand that timing is essential. That's to say because one needs to follow a specific timeline for planting the seeds and nurturing them to make them into huge trees and orchards. In some cases, when you plant the seeds late, you might not be able to get the crop at all, which will impact the earnings.

So, when you start using the tractor, you will be able to get the farming work done within a specific timeline. The modern tractors are designed with automated features because manual tractors will also lengthen the timeline. Similarly, the tractors can be used to reduce the working time, irrespective of the land area.


The tractors are designed with different intents and purposes. First of all, the tractors can be used to plow on large surfaces without compromising on timelines. Secondly, the tractors are designed with precision and accuracy in mind, which means the seeds will be added on the right path, and crop production will be equally top-notch.


The prices and cost of tractors differ with the horsepower. For instance, the tractors with 25 horsepower to 80 horsepower usually cost ranging from $22,000 to $48,000. If you move to a higher horsepower value, such as 100 horsepower; it will cost anything between $55,000 to $70,000. On top of everything, the tractors with horsepower up to 150 will cost around $72,000 to $120,000.

The Bottom Line

One thing is pretty clear that tractors are designed to help in the agricultural world, be it orchards or crops. With this being said, different types of tractors are designed to cater to unique purposes and have versatile applications. So, with this article, we have tried to share the complete tractor guide, and you can buy your preferred one by filling the form available on the website!

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