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ATM Machines – what comes into your mind when you first hear this word? We are sure that most of you associate ‘ATM’ or ‘Automated Teller Machine’ with a bank or credit union company. But do you know, these automated cash withdrawing or depositing machines can boost your sales?

Yes, you are reading it right! Either you already have or thinking to start your own grocery, convenience or retail store;  Automated Teller Machine within your store premises would definitely impact your business positively!

Well if you haven’t yet installed an ATM machine with your business premises, then you may need to rethink! You must be wondering why you really need an ATM machine at your store anyways? How would it boost your daily sales? And even if it’s true that having an ATM installed within your store/shop, increases sales; where to get an ATM Machines installation services?

If these are the questions that have been buzzing your head right now, then you’d be relieved to know that you have landed on the right page! This blog post is not just going to explain the importance of ATM machines, but here you will also learn how to get new atm machine installation.

Isn’t ATM Is Something To Be At Banks and Credit Unions Only?

ATM machines are in fact a smart innovation that has brought great convenience in our life. Today we are able to withdraw cash anytime we want, without waiting in the queue at the banks. But as these automated teller machines are linked with banks and credit union companies, people usually have this perception that ATMs can only be installed within (on-site) or near a bank only.

Well, that’s not true at all! Though when ATMs were introduced to the world, they were installed on-site (at/within the banks) only. But today, you can install an ATM machine almost anywhere – off-site (outside bank premises) you want! This fact gives leverage to certain businesses to provide convenience to their customers as well as creates competition for their competitors.

From convenience stores, grocery stores, retail stores, gas stations to restaurants, bars, clubs, and any other building, a new atm machine installation is not a big deal!

How To Get A New ATM Machine?

Before we could start our discussion on why any grocery store or restaurant should install an ATM machine; let’s first explore our option of ATM Machines installation services. With ATM machines getting more common in restaurants, clubs, retail stores, etc. there are many service providers that offer affordable and hassle ATM machine installation services within the United States.

All you have to do is to find a reliable ATM installation service provider, provide your details and quote your price. when you ask any ATM installation service provider to install an ATM machine at your place, they usually ask you to answer following simple questions:

  1. Place/Location of installation – retail store, bar, club, grocery store or restaurant, etc.
  2. The number of ATM Machines within your premises – 1 or 2.
  3. Number of years business in operation – 0 to 5+ years.
  4. Timeframe for ATM installation – a month or two or immediately.
  5. Your area’s Zip Code.
  6. Email Address.

Why Do You Need An ATM Machine Anyways?

No doubt we are living in a modern time where technology has taken over almost everything. Not only we could pay our bills via small plastic cards – credit & debit cards, but today we can manage bills on our fingertips.

All of this facility give rise to one question – why would someone wants to use cash when they could pay for everything with their cards or mobile phones? You would be amazed to know that there is more than one answer to this single question!

Here is a list of reasons why there should be an ATM machine within a restaurant, grocery store or any other such place.

Convenient Money Withdrawl:

The ultimate advantage of an ATM machine is cash withdrawal convenience. Not only the customers, but the suppliers and employees can easily withdraw the money from their accounts whenever they want. It relieves your customers from stopping at multiple spots before doing their daily activities.


With an ATM machine installed at a convenience store or restaurant etc, the customers don’t really have to carry all the money with themselves. They can simply pay their bills once they have done shopping or eating. Having an ATM machine installed within your business premise means that you are ensuring the security of customers; which would definitely leave a positive impact on your customer.

No Credit Card Fees:

Everyone loves spending money on things they love, but no one loves the fees/charges that come with every credit card transaction. Well, an ATM machine at places like bars, cafes and retail stores saves your customer’s credit card fees!

Makes Cash Payment A Relief:

Though most of the restaurants, shopping malls, and stores accept card payments, there are still certain stores and dine-in places where they still believe in the traditional ways – that is the cash payment. And as people don’t really like to carry all their cash with them, such a situation could be a problem for both the vendor and the customer. This situation could be handled easily with an ATM within your premises.

No Chance For Embarrassment:

Often the customer gets into a situation where he/she ran short of money or for some reason/error their bank cards couldn’t work. Such events are embarrassing for most the people, especially if they have to go to another place to withdraw cash from an ATM. so hence if you want to save your customer from such an embarrassment as well as preserve your business’ reputation, then an ATM is a must!

Customer Loyalty:

We all know that the ATM machine is the other name of convenience and ease. And when you provide ease and accessibility to your customer, by saving his/her time and money – you actually win their loyalty. According to a survey, people tend to visit a place (restaurant, cafe, or store) with an ATM machine at least once a week!

ATM Machine Installation – Is it Expensive?

Another misconception that people have regarding ATM machines is that this smart technology is quite expensive. Well, that’s not the case! Since 1996 – The Boom of ATM Machines, the ATM purchasing as well as installation prices have been down to half!

Furthermore, there are a number of factors that determine the atm machine price. The price of an ATM machine could vary on the basis of its type, model, technology & features, or whether its new, refurbished or used.

Unless you need an ATM machine for a gaming environment – that could range from $30,000 to $50,000, the atm machine price for a standard model falls between $1,000 to $2,000. Moreover, the upgraded versions that come with a colored LCD screen, dispenser, and a cassette could range from $2,500 to $9,000.

If you are still confuse about the atm machine prices, then don’t worry. As you could always consult your ATM installation service provider to guide you in this regard!

A Word Of Advice:

The nutshell of this whole discussion is that restaurants, nightclubs, convenience stores, gas stations, and many other locations and businesses can certainly boost up their sales and increase their goodwill – by installing one or two ATM machines. But before getting it installed within your premises make sure to ask the vendor about its model, price and other factors such as upgrades, etc.

In the last, if you want to get the best ATM installation services, then take a minute and fill out this form – that we have above!

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