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Read out buying advice for bath & shower replacement

Taking a daily shower is an old American habit. Nothing spoils your day more than having a rubbish bath or shower. A good shower creates a pleasant, refreshing feeling and leaves an amusing impression on your mind. There are various options available when you finally decide to get a new shower or bath.  Well, choosing between a tub and a walk-in shower is itself a war.

If there are kids, in house bathtubs gives an advantage, and makes bath time easy.  Dog owners can also avail of the same benefits for their furry babies. Bathtubs can function as showers when needed, so having a tub installed can make things better. Or if you already own a bath getting a replacement can change a lot.

However, if you have older adults in the house, the bathtub can become a barrier. Especially for disabled people, it’s not suitable at all. Stand-alone showers can give your bathroom a stylish and sleek look, too, while making bath time easy.

What’s hidden behind your old bath?

When it comes to health, showers can be deadly — thinking about how? Well, most Americans are switching from old bathtubs to new showers/tubs. The potential reason hidden behind it is well known, but it’s just we ignore the fact being unaware of the possible harms it can cause to adults and especially children.

Old bathtubs are considered to be the most hazardous ones compared to the stand-alone showers. It is mainly because old baths are built with metals like steel or cast iron which are then polished with porcelain glaze material to give the tub an elegant high-end look. However, when the rusting process occurs, or the porcelain glaze wears off over time, it produces lead.  The lead is the most health-hazardous substance if re-exposed or taken by children during bathing.

Usually lead is hidden behind your bathtubs porcelain glaze coating which comes off depending upon the age and usage of the bathtub. When re-exposed, it leaches into the bathwater, ultimately making its way to directly intact with children’s skin or ingestion. Toddlers or young children who take long baths in the bathtubs are at potential risk because they might drink tub-water or holding their toys in the mouth with the wet hand during playing/bathing.

Lead Can be Deadly!

The lead intake in children may cause low academic performance, low IQ capability, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorders delayed puberty, decreased hearing and low IQ in teenagers and worst-for-fear brain hemorrhage. To our surprise, there is no safe blood lead exposure level in children or adults. A little amount of this deadly substance can cause an immense amount of damage. The lead level in blood can only be estimated with a blood test.

Therefore, if your porcelain glaze is coming off, getting a refinish overtime is the professional solution. In contrast, the safest option from refinishing is to replace your old bath with new and stylish ones!

Benefits of replacing an old tub or shower

Disclose hidden water damage behind the walls

The most common problem that we witness on our own and find ourselves helpless to resolve the issue is wall damage caused by standing water behind the tubs. The water trapped behind the bathtub or showers for plenty of time causes mold and wall decay. Moreover, it can also affect the home’s foundation where the tub has been installed. Thus, replacing your old bathtub from professionals gets you a chance to repair your house, and your new bath installed effortlessly with experts’ help.

Get over caulk issues

Caulk is the material used to seal the seams and joints of the bathtubs to prevent water leakage. Homeowners may think to get the job done on their own, but it is unlikely to say they will correctly attempt this step while bathtub installation. In worst cases, it might result again in water leakage causing black mold behind the unit.  To get over calking issues, seeking professional help to replace your old bathtub with a new shower or tub is the perfect outcome. Professionals are recommended for calking duties because they offer a clearance check of water resistance once the job is perfected!

Save water

The modern and latest shower systems are ergonomically designed to save energy consumption and reduce water wastage. Replacing your old bathtubs or showers with an advanced shower system might help in water conservation. You may also enjoy the added benefits of low water bills and environmental safety measures.

Upgrade the bathroom interior

Modern furniture along with lavish baths is the necessity or fashionable new sizzling hot thing in town! The aesthetic sense and interior designing combined to renovate extra-ordinary bathrooms make your home more eye-catching and valuable.

Installing new bathtubs or showers may ensure aesthetically pleasing bathing experience along with modern styled bathrooms. The stylish interior designs usually offer sleek and delicate appliances. If your shower has been old-aged and outdated, it might be the right time to switch from an old bathtub to and attractive ones to keep your home value increasing!

Pricing and Cost Estimates

Being a homeowner, you may assume yourself capable of reinstalling a new bathtub. Looking for a professional service might be out of an option because of expensive charges. If that’s what you are thinking, you might regret your decision later depending upon the problems caused then like water leakage, mold and so on. Considering the fact when it comes to professional bathtubs and showers replacement, you may come across price range variation. It is mainly because of multiple factors depending upon the complexities and your requirements, of course!

Here are some factors upon which costing depends:

  • Area of your bathroom.
  • Size of the bathtub/shower
  • Type or model you require to be installed.
  • The procedure of bathtub/showers reinstallation you choose
  • Material usage while reinstalling
  • The expertise of the installation professionals

If you are estimating the price range considering the factor mentioned above, you should expect to get a new bathtub or shower systems installed in your bathroom costing around $1,500 to $5,000 depending upon the repolishing, reinstallation, repairing or caulking services. However, counting nationwide, the average price range is approx — $ 3000 throughout.


So now you are well-aware of the problems, solution and price estimation to revamp your old-styled, vintage washrooms into modern and elegant ones. The procedure to hire a professional bathtub or shower reinstallation expert is simple and easy beyond your imaginations. Get your mobile phones and look for the most efficient and reasonable bathtub/showers’ reinstallation service. Fill out a form. Discuss your requirements with them and get a price quote. Now let the professionals roll into their expertise to turn your bathroom lavishly attractive while you sit back and relax!

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