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Bulldozers – one of the integral heavy-equipment vehicles for all the heavy construction purposes. Be it a general construction, commercial or industrial construction, it is nearly impossible to complete the project without a bulldozer!

The story of bulldozers does not end with commercial, industrial or residential construction. To your surprise, this heavy-equipment vehicle is also of great use for army or military purposes. No matter from which construction and development market does your construction business belongs, the bulldozer is indeed a commonly used machinery.

So are you thinking to start your own construction and development business? Are you not sure what type of bulldozers would your business need? Do you want to get the best competitive price, but have no idea about the average cost per bulldozer?

If these are the questions that have been buzzing all day in your head, then you can put your thoughts to rest now. This article would provide you with all the answers that you have been looking for!

Bulldozer – The General Overview?

A construction bulldozer is actually a ‘crawler’ or you can call it a ‘continuous tracked tractor’ is a typical construction equipment-vehicle. The structure of this heavy-construction machinery is simple. It consists of two main components the ‘Tractor’ and the ‘Metal plate’ aka the ‘Blade – hence the name bulldozer.

And while the blade or metal plate is attached at the front end, this construction-vehicle is also equipped with a real ‘claw-like’ part – the ‘Ripper’.

Both of these components have different uses. In order to loosen up a densely compacted material, the ripper of the bulldozer is used. On the other hand, the blade allows the driver to push away large quantities of materials such as soil, rubble, sand or any other conversion/construction work.

It is uncommon not to find bulldozers at quarries, mine, engineering projects, heavy industry factories, commercial construction sites, farms, and military bases.

How Much Does A Bulldozer Cost?

The most important factor for purchasing anything is its price or cost, let alone the bulldozers. And when it comes to the price tag on construction bulldozer, this heavy-construction machinery is one of the expensive pieces! However, prices could fluctuate not only from dealer to dealer but also on the basis of horse-power, condition of the machinery, or the model.

The price list for bulldozers start from $30,000 and goes up to $200,000 and sometimes even more. But usually the most selling bulldozers models, that have the horse-power between 110 hp to 130 hp – comes with a price range between $75,000 to $175,000.

How To Acquire a Bulldozer For Your Business?

The internet has made it possible for us to not just find anything within a matter of seconds, but today we can sell or purchase any product or services via the internet as well. Just like any other product, the internet shows up hundreds of different search results for the term ‘Bulldozer for sale’.

Obviously, this is how you could find and contact different bulldozer dealers. And if you are thinking that you have to go and meet these dealers in person, or you have to go for long phone calls to get your machinery; then you would be relieved to know its not the case!

Almost all the bulldozer dealer websites and similar service providing sites use a simple questionnaire, aka price quote form. These forms are consisted of a few simple questions and do not take more than 5 minutes of your day.

A typical price quote form for a bulldozer consists of the following questions:

  • Industry type/preference – construction, mining, army or military.
  • The number of loaders you require.
  • Condition preference for Bulldozer – whether new, refurbished or used.
  • Required horsepower of the bulldozer.
  • Bulldozer mechanism or transmission – automatic or manual.
  • Purchase or acquisition type – buy, rent or lease.
  • Your estimated budget.
  • When do you need the loader – immediately, within a month or two, etc.

Buy, Rent or Lease?

As discussed above, the bulldozers are quite expensive – especially for the new construction start-ups or small contractors. While they still have an option to purchase a used or refurbished bulldozer, it might still cost them a lot of dollar bills. So what should they do?

In case, your construction business can’t afford to purchase either the new or refurbished bulldozer – you can always rent or lease it. Leasing the machinery is indeed the most viable and economical option for not just small businesses but even for the bigger ones.

Leasing not just provides you what you need, but also distributes the one-time big payment over a period of 1 to 5 years. Plus when the lease term ends you have the option to return, purchase or even exchange it for some other model.

If the lease is not what you want, then there is a third option, that is renting the equipment vehicle. Though the rental rates could vary as per your region, dealer, horse-power and even the type of blade used in the bulldozer, it is also an economical option.

Usually, the rent is charged either on a daily basis or a monthly basis. On average, the rent rate for a typical bulldozer model range from $300 to $400 – per day and $1,200 to $1,500 – per month.

Want To Acquire a Bulldozer? We Can Help!

By now you have must have decided on getting the bulldozer – the model, horse-power, condition, price range as well as mode of acquisition. But whether you are leasing, renting or purchasing this tractor with a dozer blade.

Before you could lay your hands on your new dozer, don’t forget to check for its plate lines or welding. Other things that you need to check in a bulldozer, is the engine, hydraulic system, all the tech upgrades, and other attachments. Furthermore, inspect the undercarriage and scrutinize the machine for any excessive wear.

One thing that you always keep in your mind is to choose the horsepower as well as the condition of the machinery, as per the requirements of your project or nature of your business. Just because someone has suggested you the model, horsepower or number of bulldozers they used for their project and business, doesn’t mean you also need the same!

Last but not the least, if you want to purchase, lease or rent a bulldozer for your general construction company or even for the army/military purposes the take out your few minutes and fill up the above form. Tell us what you are looking for and what bulldozer you need, and we will arrange it for you within the timeframe you provide us.

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