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Read out buying advice for Diagnostic Ultrasound Machines

Sonographers and physicians may need to buy a diagnostic ultrasound machine for a medical office or diagnostics center. Before buying, it's essential to consult with the staff, technicians or the people who will primarily be using the machine about the type of device they need. Learn about the different types of diagnostic ultrasound machines available, and the features which should be noted when buying. Also, learn about the various types of sellers in the market.

Why you may need to buy a Ultrasound Machine

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Gynecologists and Obstetricians may need diagnostic ultrasound machines for pregnancy scans.

General Imaging Ultrasounds

Medical offices or sonographers' offices may be looking for diagnostic ultrasound machines for scanning internal organs in 2D or 3D. These may be required for abdominal or brain exams.

Cardiovascular Ultrasounds

Cardiologists may need diagnostic ultrasound machines to find out the blood flow measurement or for cardiac exams.

Internal Ultrasounds

These include internal rectal, vaginal, nasopharyngeal, or laparoscopic scans.

Features to look for when buying a Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine


You will want an ultrasound machine which is high quality and offers reliable service and which you can learn to use easily. Ultrasound machines may come with certifications and warranties, as well as after-sale services. Even second hand or refurbished machines differ in that some may have withstood rigorous testing and inspections by qualified technicians and may come with repair or service warranties.


The most common diagnostic ultrasound machine is a console version that is designed to be installed in place. However, you may need a portable type of machine. For maximum portability, handheld ultrasound machines are also available.Remember that portable ultrasound machines may not have the same image quality and software and probe options as a console model.


Different software is uploaded on ultrasound machines for different tasks. Know the kind of software you need for the tasks required in your medical office. You may need software applications installed, which can add elements to your image, such as skeletal rendering or allow you to analyze your image in different ways.

Special Features

You should know the special features which you will be needing. Ask yourself if you want advanced speckle reduction or spatial compound imaging, live baby face imaging, 3D, or 4D imaging or any of the other special features which are available in diagnostic imaging today.


Many sellers and dealers will offer parts, repairs, and labor warranties. Learn about the warranties offered by your dealer, manufacturer, or reseller.

Service Contracts

Some dealers and sellers may offer a service contract for a fee. Assess the condition of your machine before buying and get a service contract if you feel that you will be more secure knowing that you have this option.

Customer Support

Good customer support that is available before and after you have bought a machine makes a difference.


Ultrasound machines are typically expensive. You are going to have to decide on your needs, the qualities available, and then choose a machine of the best quality available within your budget that meets your work needs. The cost of installation will also have to be factored into the cost of your ultrasound machine.

Types of Ultrasound Machine Transducers

A transducer or a probe is one of the most important accessories for your diagnostic ultrasound machine. It contains a piezoelectric crystal which generates or receives ultrasound waves. The probe or transducer sends out sound waves that bounce off the body's tissues. The transducer receives the echoes of these sound waves, and the computer part of the ultrasound makes an image called a sonogram, which is displayed for us to see. There are different types of transducers or probes with different apertures, frequency, and piezoelectric crystal arrangements for different functions. You have to buy an ultrasound machine which is compatible with the transducer you need to use. Different transducers are listed below.

Linear Probe

These have a linear piezoelectric crystal arrangement. Linear probes for 2D imaging are used for vascular exams, visualizing blood vessels, breast scans, thyroid imaging, tendon, muscle, and body fat checks. They have wider apertures and central frequencies of 2.5 MHz to 12 MHz. Linear probes for 3D imaging are used for breast and thyroid scans and have a frequency of 7.5 MHz to 11 MHz.

Convex or Curved Probe

These have a curvilinear piezoelectric crystal arrangement. They are used for abdominal, transvaginal, and rectal scans. They are also used for internal organ diagnosis. Curved probes for 2D imaging have a central frequency of 2.5 MHz to 7.5 MHz, while frequencies for probes for 3D imaging range from 3.5 MHz to 6.5 MHz. These are used for abdominal scans. Micro convex transducers are used for children and babies.

Phased Array Probe

Phased array probes are a commonly used transducer type and use a central frequency of 2 MHZ to 7.5 MHz and have a small aperture. It is used in cardiac, abdominal, and brain exams.

CW Doppler Probe

These have a small aperture and use a frequency of about 2 MHz to 8 MHz. They are used for blood flow measurement.

Endocavitary Probe

These include many types of probes that are usually inserted in the body for internal scans. They have a small aperture and use frequencies of between 2 MHz and 8MHz. They include endovaginal probes, endorectal probes, and endocavity probes.

Transesophageal Probes

This is also used for internal exams and has a small aperture with frequencies between 3 MHz and 10 MHz.

Where to buy Ultrasound machines

Choose your ultrasound preferences on our step by step form and get the diagnostic ultrasound equipment of your choice. We offer new and pre-owned equipment of all types to suit your budget and diagnostic ultrasound machine needs.

Restored or refurbished sellers

Refurbished and restored ultrasound machines may be available from restored ultrasound machine sellers. These machines may provide the features you need at a cost-effective price. However, the quality of the product will depend on the refurbishing skills and the original state of the machine. Fill out our form to choose from restored or used diagnostic equipment in a variety of equipment and prices that align with your budget and needs.

Leasing Options

It is possible to lease a machine with per month payments rather than buy one. If you find the cost of buying a machine prohibitive and have the option of leasing from nearby, you may choose this option.


Suppliers tend to have the machines in their inventory ready to sell. However, not every dealer will have testing, after-sale services, or warranties. Fill out our form to get matched to suppliers who stock the equipment you need.

Budget Required

The cost of a new Ultrasound Machine can be anything from 20,000 dollars to 75,000 dollars. If you choose to buy a refurbished or second-hand machine, it can cost about 5000 dollars. It is also possible to lease ultrasound machines in some areas.


Ultrasound machines are an essential purchase in many physicians' practices, hospitals, and dental practices. Doctors and radiologists depend on ultrasounds for internal exams and to make diagnostic decisions. When choosing an ultrasound machine, look for the best quality machine which meets your needs and which falls within your budget. You can match yourself to the supplier and equipment that matches your diagnostic ultrasound machine needs. Simply fill out the form and let us find the best quotes for you.

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