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A digital copier is a machine that scans a particular page, converts it to a digital image, and finally prints it with the help of a printer. A digital copier can be a good addition for a small scale business. For making your business more efficient, digital scanners are a must. Digital copiers can be used in different fields such as education, government or any other business field. Digital copiers have replaced analog copiers due to its high efficiency and accuracy.  Let us know how to choose the best one for your printing needs.

Color Copiers

Color copiers are the advanced form of digital copiers. They can copy a document in various colors, including black as well. Color copiers usually consist of 4 drums and 4 toner cartridges. These cartridges contain four colors i.e. Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, and Black. Other colors are produced by mixing these colors.

Black and White Copiers

A black and white photocopier is mostly used by small businesses. They have a higher copying speed than the color photocopiers and have low expenses on consumables as well. It works by using only black color toner. The most common paper size formats handled by black and white copiers are A4 and A3. Its speed ranges from 20 pages for small entry-level models to 150in high-volume black and white copiers. They are also given the name mono devices because they produce monochrome photocopies.

How do These Copiers Operate

Working with many copiers involves the use of an internal mirror that copies the actual image onto the drum. By using some particle of toner, the copier creates an image of what is found on the drum. In this method, static electricity is used. A heating element is then used to dry and fix the toner and finally produce the copy on the paper. This method is known as analog copying.

However, digital copiers operate differently from analog copiers. In digital copying, the document is digitally scanned and then saved into the memory. For imprinting information on the drum, a laser is used. At last, toner is applied and the document is printed. Many digital copiers permit the document to be printed from the memory, once the image of the document is saved in the memory. The big advantage of the digital copier is that that the document is saved in the memory, so the original document can then be printed or scanned at any other time in the future without the need for the original document again.

Features of Digital Copiers

Some of the basic features of a digital copier are given below:

1. Accounting Codes

Accounting codes are used to track the users of your copier, mainly for reporting purposes. You can update the codes either by the helpdesk of the supplier or by yourself. There was a time when accounting for your different apartments was a difficult task. But now, it is no longer. Accounting codes are also used for billing purposes.

2. Transparency Interleaving

It is the feature of the digital copier in which a sheet of paper is output after each transparency. The paper may be blank or a paper copy of the transparency. This feature is useful when you are printing on transparencies.

3. Duplex

Duplex means that digital copiers can print on the front, as well as on the backside. Automatic duplex is better than manual duplex because, in automatic duplex, you will not have to manually flip and reload the paper.

4. Resolution

While working with graphics, you need a high-resolution model. These are expensive but if you use it every day, you will get your ROI in no time.

5. Stapler/Finisher

This is another very useful feature of a digital copier. It automatically staples the copies and reduces manual labor. Some copiers also place the papers in order automatically.

Advantages of Digital Copiers

There are many different types of copiers available in the market these days, but a digital copier is the best option for businesses. It is easier to maintain than other types of copiers. It also copies a high quality printed document. Most importantly, it is very cost-efficient to use. Some points are discussed below to help you why to choose a digital copier instead of other types.

Digital copiers can perform multiple functions. It can produce hard copies of the original document or electronic copies can be transmitted to fax machines. This reduces many unnecessary steps in the communication process for a company. The need for mailing hard copies of the document to many different sites, either outside of the company or within the location of the company, can also be eliminated by this method.

Last but not least, the expense of operating a digital copier is lower than the other types of copiers. Different factors are involved in the process to keep the cost down. First, there are fewer moving particles so the chances of breaking any particle are less. The ink used by digital copiers also produces more copies per cartridge. This day to day lower cost gradually makes up the difference in price and start to save money over the long term.

Pricing of Digital Copiers

Over the past several years, the prices of digital copiers have come down dramatically. Business copiers of up to 20ppm and 10000 copies for monthly volume cost about $1500. Faster models having 21-35ppm and greater monthly volume cost from $3,000 to $10,000.

A black and white, fully loaded, copier ranges from $10000 to $13000 and a color copier of 30-35ppm costs about $20000. However, a refurbished color copier can be found for $5000. The high end of the business copier segment of 36-56ppm costs $39000 to $60000. Top of the line copiers having 100+ ppm costs $80000. The digital copier price is affected by many factors. Color has an important impact on price. You would expect to pay 20% to 30% more on color copiers than black and white copiers. Black and white copies range from 0.5 to 0.8 cents per page, while color copies run from 1.9 to 3 cents per page.


Digital Copiers have remarkably changed our life. Thousands of copies can be produced in minutes. Buying your digital copier can take your business to the next level. So, whether you require a multifunction digital copier for your small business or a full-scale digital copier for your large scale business, we have the office automation equipment, and the expertise, to provide that what is right for your business and your budget.

So, if you are looking for some large services related to Digital Copiers, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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