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Fact: According to a survey, including print material in marketing mix encourages 79% of the potential customers to take action and buy the brand’s product immediately!

Outreaching potential customers to spread trustworthy brand image and marketing message is quite a challenge for small businesses. It costs overwhelmingly hefty budget for trivial companies to advertise the brand through electronic or internet marketing methods. Whereas as per a survey, 56% of the respondents felt companies reaching the customers with print material are considered trustworthy compared to others using alternate ways of advertising. Thus, a small business owner should make smart and cost-efficient choices to reach out to the targeted market audience in the most effective way. However, reaching a massive target audience can be difficult. So, what could be the possible solution to it?

People might not read the newspaper daily, but everyone loves to check their mails daily. Fortuitously, there are few marketing tools which helps small businesses to advertise their brand in massive targeted audience areas. One of the best assets to reach customers includes Direct Mail Services. It is the most efficient tool to locally market the business in particular geographical regions through post office mails.

How Direct Mail Services Support Home Business Owners?

Direct Mailing is a straightforward marketing procedure to outreach a company’s advertising materials efficiently in prospect’s mailbox. It enables small business owners to reach the people of both a selected geographical area and specific businesses to market the brand. The mailed promotional material tends to spread the business message to attract old, present and potential consumers in future.

The Direct Mail Services play an essential role to acquire a specific demographic audience mailing list, outreaching the promotional printing material in prospects’ mailboxes and also designing the promotional materials. The Direct Mail Services promotes small businesses in the targeted market like homeowners and geographical market like universities, colleges, hospitals, malls and clubs etc.

The mailing services support to outgrow small businesses for mass or bulk promotional mails and, sending the direct mails to people or homes in a particular area with little or huge promotional material quantity. For your assistance, let’s explore features of Direct Mail Services offered to the small business owners.

What Features Direct Mail Services Offer To Small Businesses?

1. Printed Marketing Materials Mailing

People may think electronic advertisement is the only aspect to earn customers to expand their businesses. However, Direct Mailing Services introduce the home business and small firms’ owners to brand marketing through direct mails using different promotional print marketing materials to attain potential clients or customers. Here are some of the marketing print material offered for advertising through direct mails:

  • Postcard or equivalent
  • Letter
  • Flyer
  • Tri-fold brochure
  • Coupon

2. Facilities Offered for home business Owners

Direct Mail Services empower firms to connect with new or existing customers through direct mails. Businesses may simply request for a mailing list and get the advertising job done or hire the professionals to carry out following services and market the brand expertly.

  • Design, print and mail
  • Print and mail only
  • Mail only

3. Prospects Ratio For Small Companies To target With Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services have teams of research analysts and marketers to guide clients with targeted market buying behaviour. They guide business owners about the geographical area one should target for business advertising. Additionally, mailing providers expertise in the field gets small businesses a mailing list of hundreds of people to promote the business. Here is an estimated count of prospects that direct mail services may offer for small business owners to reach their marketing goal:

  • 500-4,999
  • 5,000-9,999
  • 10,000-49,999
  • 50,000+

4. Marketing Frequency to outreach The brand message

Direct Mail Services option is the ultimate guide to promote small businesses at every step. Home or small business owners may send multiple discount vouchers, catalogues, reminders, newsletters or samples to advertise the products through direct mail. The trustworthy direct mail services guide clients righteously about the marketing frequency one should opt to get customers familiar with the brand. A business may select the direct mail services marketing frequency as per its requirements, for instance:

  • One-time campaign
  • One-time, more pending results
  • Multiple campaigns

Marketing Obstacles Small Business Face During Brand Marketing

  • Non-Lucrative Designing: Advertising your brand requires promotional print material to be designed with utter beautiful shades, eye-opening graphics and creative content to attract the customers. Small Businesses often fails to understand that developing a fully detailed and attractive printing material of the business helps in shifting the customers buying behaviour towards the product. Thus, getting a print material designed unprofessionally disrupts brand marketing.
  • Response Rate: Mailing might seem an easy procedure to get customers. However, business owners need to understand that having market research and experience is essential to reach potential customers. Direct Mailing in inaccurate demography may result in no customers at all. Thus, hiring a professional direct mail service for the job may double up the business’s profit margin and customer base.
  • Irrelevant Marketing Stuff: People often ignore the advertising material considering it as a junk mail. It may result in total damage for businesses marketing budget. To deal with the issue, business providers need to understand the consumer’s mind and accurate marketing tactics. A small business owner often fails to take care of the target market audience; thus, their promotional stuff ends up in bins. The direct mail services guide small businesses properly about the print marketing tactic to go with and how to capture the targeted market audience.

Benefits Of Direct Mail Services For Businesses Unstoppable Growth

  • Direct Market: Direct mail services let companies connect with the target market directly. Businesses may get an adequate response from the potential customers when the promotional print materials are well-written and reach to the right audience as per the consumer’s needs. With the professional directions for final demography selection, well-executed marketing material and efficient services, nothing can stop the business to expand with the support of direct mail services.
  • Marketing Budget: Using direct marketing services is far more cost-efficient method than any other media channels to advertise the business. The marketing budget tends to get more ease up when it comes to bulk marketing which is cheaper yet more effective than mass or regular Mailing. It tends to be more efficient to reach a greater target audience than expected.
  • Results Tracking: Using direct mail services bring firms closer to hundreds of people. It empowers the businesses to analyze and track consumers’ response after the direct mail promotion immediately.


Direct mail services vary upon the type of services small business owner looking for. On average, the direct mail cost approx. Thirty cents to $10 per person. The budget depends upon the facilities companies take along with Mailings like marketing copy, graphic designing, printing, mailing list or distribution.


The daily mail services may seem an outdated marketing idea, but it is one of the most efficient ones still in the present world. It leads businesses to reach the clients directly. Several small businesses including Retail Stores, Restaurants, Dry cleaners, Contractors, Realtors, Auto Sales and Services, Nurseries and Landscaping, Churches, Political Campaigns, Coffee Shops, Financial Services and Galleries owner may use direct mail to promote their business or message.

If you are seeking one reliable direct mail service to get your brand marketed on a larger platform, fill the form and get connected to hundreds of trustworthy direct mail service providers from us!

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