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In order to provide better and improved patient care services, every doctor, physician or medical care practitioner requires a proper medical history of their patients. In the past, the medical history of patients was maintained and recorded on paper. And every analysis, medical test, measurements, and examination results were recorded separately.

The traditional ways were slow and it was difficult to maintain huge piles of medical records for both the medical practitioners and patients. But today, we have a better solution. A solution that has changed the meaning of keeping records and the patient’s history.

The solution we are talking about is “Electronic Medical Records (EMR)”. Obviously, if you are someone related to the medical field, chances are that you are already familiar with this term. In case you have no idea what this term is, then this blog post is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information on EMR and how can you get it!

What Is EMR?

The term ‘EMR’ actually stands for  ‘Electronic Medical Record(s)’. These are actually the electronic or digital copies of the general information including the medical history, treatment methods, drugs used, etc. for a certain patient.

Electronic Medical Records could be in the form of charts and reports. The EMRs are collected individually for each patient by the medical practitioner.

How To Get EMR?

Whether you are running a small clinic or have a big hospital, electronic medical records are something that you would definitely need. But if you are thinking that you have to manually put all the information on your patient then you are wrong.

If you want to maintain EMRs in at your clinic or hospital then you need to have an EMR system or software installed in your computer systems. There are many EMR service providers that offer this amazing, and efficient software at affordable prices and within a matter of time.

If you are looking for an effective EMR solution to be installed at your place of practice then feel free to fill the above questionnaire. Select your options from whether you want an EMR or EHR service, how many physicians do you have, number of your practice locations, and what type of healthcare do your clinic/hospital provided.

Once you are done answering these questions, the EMR/EHR software will be installed at your locations within the time frame that you have provided us.

How IS EMR Different Than EHR?

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) have the same purpose. Both of these software is developed to help the medical care service providers keep track of their patients history.

The only difference between an Electronic Medical Records software and Electronic Health Records software is that the latter can be used at multiple medical health facilities/practice locations/offices; while EMR is designed to be used at a single practice clinic/hospital or office.

EMR And Its Benefits:

The reason why Electronic Medical Records have become an important thing for the medical care facilities is the ease that it provides to medical professionals. But If you are thinking that EMR is only beneficial for the medical practitioners then you are wrong. These digital medical reports or records are helpful for the patients as well.

Let’s look into the benefits of implementing an EMR software for both doctors/medical practitioners and their patients.

●    EMR Benefits For The Medical Practice Individuals:

  • It allows rapid and quick patient data transfer from one department to one department.
  • With EMR software, medical care providers can enjoy numerous financial benefits. It reduces operational costs such as transcription services, paper expenditures, and recording and billing expenses, etc.
  • EMR saves a lot of space in the offices and you don’t have to maintain and manage the piles of paper records.
  • It reduces the risk of errors, misstatements, and there are fewer chances of misplace/loss the information.
  • It helps you easily identify the patients who are due for preventive screenings and checkups.
  • With EMR software, you can easily keep track of every patient and how he/she responds to health measures such as blood screening, vaccinations, and blood pressure measurements.
  • With EMR you can not just send e-prescriptions to your patients but you can also order drugs online for them.
  • These EMRs are easily customizable and you can modify as per the condition of your patient.
  • EMR allows you to maintain the information of as many patients as you want without compromising the quality. It means it is a great means to increase your productivity.

●    EMR Benefits For The Patients:

  • The ultimate benefit of EMR for patients is improved patient care.
  • Through EMR the patients get better diagnostics.
  • Patients don’t have to carry their medical history with them everywhere.
  • They can get fast care and quick decision making from their medical practitioners.

How Much Does an EMR Software Cost?

When it comes to the pricing of Electronic Medical Records, do not confuse it with the EHR. Though the purpose of both these digital recording systems is the same, each one comes with a different price tag. And in comparison to EHR, an electronic medical record system is much cheaper.

On average, EMR implementation could cost up to $163,765 for a single practitioner. This cost goes up to $233,298 if the medical practice location has 4 to 5 medical practitioners. This investment is far cheaper as it reduces other operational expenses.

Furthermore, with many fixed costs, that is the practitioner doesn’t have to pay for the hardware but only for the software. And it divides the overall EMR software cost between the multiple medical care practitioners.

Is It Worth Having An EMR Software?

At first, the cost of Electronic Medical Records might seem a little too expensive. Moreover, the only concern that comes with EMR software is the risk of data theft. But both of these issues are not really a problem these days.

First, the EMR is not an expensive tool. It does not just save several operational costs for your medical facility but it also increases the overall productivity of your medical facility. When the patients receive improved, prompt, efficient and timely health care services, they would surely want to approach your facility over and over again.

Moreover, the threat of data theft can easily be avoided by adding security software and careful handling. All of these factors and numerous benefits of having an EMR software within your medical practice location, it is not wrong to say that EMR or EHR is indeed a fruitful investment for every medical practitioner.

A little reminder for you, in case you are looking for the best EMR implementation services, feel free to fill up our questionnaire and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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