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These days, every business is unique, different and has its challenges. For its success, the business owners adopt various techniques and use different tools to succeed at what they do. One of such tools is a GPS fleet tracking system. This is a system that is installed in a vehicle and by using GPS, it automatically determines the location of the vehicle. The location information is then sent to a central database and is displayed on the map. The GPS insight then analyzes and converts this data into useful information. This information gives us the vehicle’s location, shows how the vehicle is driven and can report unwanted behavior such as hard braking or over speeding. The other data sets that can be recorded include time tracking, fuel efficiency, route monitoring, and the driver’s hours of service.

GPS fleet tracking has become an important and essential part of most of the business today. They not only help in managing a company’s general operations but also discourage theft. Instead of hiring a manager to monitor drivers and vehicles on the highway, this system allows you to keep an eye on everything from anywhere. GPS fleet tracking includes both, the software and the hardware. The type of hardware to be used in your vehicle depends on the plan you select. These are usually plug-and-play devices that are inserted in your vehicle’s OBD II port. This installation can be done on your own or you can have a company helping you out.

GPS Tracking Unit for Different Businesses

Any type of business can use GPS fleet tracking into their everyday operations boosting their productivity and keeping an eye on their employees. Most of the industries consider GPS fleet tracking as a must for their business leading to better performance and avoiding costly mistakes. The most common businesses that use a GPS tracking unit are:

1. Construction

The construction industry invests a lot in their equipment such as trucks, power tools and other essential components needed for construction. These types of equipment can be a target for thieves and therefore, the construction firms install GPS fleet tracking units into their vehicles. So in case of a robbery, GPS trackers can help them recover. It also prevents drivers from taking unsafe routes and wasting their time. As data support the number of hours a vehicle is used for, this can also be critical to invoice customers.

2. Public Transportation

Public transportation such as trains, taxis, or buses must maintain strict schedules and if there is any disruption, the routine of customers is severely affected. GPS fleet tracking helps businesses in staying connected with their drivers and as a result, informs customers about the potential delay well ahead of time. Most of the taxis and buses use GPS tracking, giving customers real-time data on their vehicle’s location.

3. Logistics

Logistics business needs GPS tracking more than any other business. They often have a large fleet and tracking of every vehicle and driver is important for them. Logistics companies provide thousands of recipients every week and any disruption can cause real issues. Similarly, drivers taking clothes or food can harm their reputation and customers if they are late or misguided. Using GPS fleet tracking, logistics businesses can minimize delays and improve their productivity significantly.

GPS Fleet Tracking and Size of Fleet

No matter the size of your fleet, GPS tracking systems can deliver results for fleets of any size. Whether you have a business with 10 or even lesser vehicles, a public agency with thousands of vehicles and in-field assets, the hardware and software set up remains the same and allows you to control costs while operating your entire fleet. With larger fleets, you may require other features such as driver IDs but the services are the same.

Electronic Driver Log (EDL)

There was a time when drivers used the paper logbook to record their compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. But now Electronic Driver Log has taken over this method. These are electronic devices attached to the vehicle’s engine to record driving hours. These devices can measure and monitor a complete set of data about the vehicle and its driver that go beyond RODs. These devices also provide map and route solutions enabling drivers to avoid traffic jams. EDL keeps a dispatcher up-to-date on the driver’s status, allowing them to plan better for loads as per HOS compliance needs.

Financing Options of GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

When you decide to install a GPS tracking unit for your business, there are several financing options to do so. Let’s discuss some of the most common:

1. Purchase or Rental

If you have sufficient cash and a very good income, the ideal option for you is to buy a GPS fleet tracking unit. You will only have to pay once and will be free from monthly deposits. However, if you are financially not that strong, you can also rent a GPS tracking unit. This will eliminate the large upfront cost and you can pay small amounts monthly. The more you buy, the lesser you pay the monthly service fee.

2. Leasing

Leasing is another option to install a GPS tracking unit for your business. In this, you sign a contract with the dealer which allows you to return the equipment or buy it at the end of the contract. Leasing significantly lowers the upfront costs allowing you to improve the quality of equipment you’ll buy. You will get the latest GPS tracking system because the suppliers will upgrade the system with improving the technology. Although the equipment does not belong to you, the company takes care of its needs.

Pricing of GPS Fleet Tracking System

Pricing of GPS fleet tracking units depends on the complexity of the system you choose and varies greatly. Roughly estimated, it costs about $18 per month for simpler systems to $65 per month for more complex and advanced systems. Let’s discuss the costs of different GPS fleet tracking systems;

1. Entry Level Solutions

This is a basic GPS fleet tracking device that costs about $100 while its leasing cost is around $18 per month. They have few features and it is better to purchase an entry-level GPS device than to lease it.

2. Mid-level Solutions

Its purchasing cost is around $300-$600 while its leasing price is about $20-$25 per month. They are much more sophisticated than the entry-level solutions however, it also costs around $100 for its installation.

3. High-End Solutions

These are extremely complex systems and send updates every 30 seconds, which is important for companies that require accurate vehicle location information. Its purchasing costs vary greatly however, its leasing price is around $30-$65 per month. Its installation fee is more than $100.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

Owning a GPS fleet tracking system can have several advantages for your business. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Control

A GPS tracking unit gives you immense control of all your fleet. As a business owner, it puts you in the driver’s seat of your vehicles and allows you to have total command over your mobile resources from the comfort of your office.

2. Costs

This system allows the fleet managers to know how the fuel is being used from the comfort of their office. Drivers would know that their every movement is known and this will greatly increase efficiency and productivity, at the same time, reducing fuel consumption as well. As the fuel consumption is reduced, the cost of a journey also reduces.

3. Fleet Protection

GPS fleet tracking systems are effectively used by many companies for its fleet protection. If a vehicle in the fleet is stolen, it can be tracked and recovered with the help of concerning authorities.


So, fleet owners looking for the best GPS fleet tracking system that addresses problems such as driver safety, worker productivity, fuel consumption, or asset security, don’t search anywhere else because we provide you with all these features.

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