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Why Do Companies Buy Health Insurance for Employees?

Health insurance is the type of insurance in which medical, surgical and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured are covered by the insurance provider.

Basics of Group Health Insurances:

Companies sign up for group health insurances but it has set requirements. Firstly, companies need a group of people which can be based on even two people. However, the group members mustn't be owners or spouses. The larger the group, the fewer the risks and the lesser the cost of the policy.

Businesses purchase these plans for the employees and their families. Around 70% and more employees must participate in the plan to make it valid. No two plans can ever be the same due to different insurers, plan types, costs, terms, and conditions.

Coverage for family members comes with an additional cost. Although, the group plan still remains cheaper compared to the individual or family plans.

However, members have the option to accept or decline the coverage, which comes in different tiers, starting from the basics to advanced benefits.

History of Group Health Insurances:

The employer-sponsored group health plan was first introduced in the 1940s to attract employees. But these plans did not cover the retirees and non-working adults.

Over the years, the Federal government made few changes to provide health coverage to each participant of the society irrespective of their work status.

Today, even small companies offer different types of insurances and incentives to their employees to make the job more lucrative. However, health insurance is considered to be the most beneficial one due to high medical costs.

Some Common Benefits of Group Insurances:

Other than that, employers and employees, both can enjoy a great deal of benefits discussed below:

Lower Rates :

Group insurance plans cost less than individual plans. Usually, companies pay for more than half of the actual cost, which reduces its per person charge. The plans are also free of subsidies and taxes, thus adding up to significant savings.

Reduced functioning cost :

Although, it seems that the company that is providing medical insurance is in loss and has to pay the bills. But actually, when you buy insurance for a group of people it becomes less expensive. The larger number of employees can benefit and pay for it, thus increasing its cost-effectiveness.

Lesser Risks:

The increased number of group members reduces the overall risks of the group plan. Since the premiums are split between the organization and its members, the risk is also spread across.

Competitive Candidates :

Good benefits attract more qualified candidates and increase competition, as a result, the employers get to choose from a variety of potential candidates that are up to the mark and top-notch in their respective fields.

Retain long-term employees:

Feasible group plans can retain top employees. If employees are satisfied, they will not switch their jobs and as a result, a long-term relationship between employers and employees is developed. Hiring new employees and then training them is a financial burden on companies.

Increased productivity:

Even a layman knows that a healthy employee can bring more productivity, positivity, creativity and healthy change in a company. If an employee gets a regular checkup, it ensures he is mentally and physically fit.

It also guarantees whenever proper treatment or medical attention is required, he will get it done. Since he doesn't have to stress about the cost and billing, as it is covered by the health insurance that his company has provided.

Tax benefits:

Employer-provided health insurance premiums are tax-exempted for a group health plan. Employers can save up by paying fewer payroll taxes. Premium plans help you and your employees save money through tax exemption.

Increased Accessibility:

Group insurance plans offer a wide network of doctors and hospitals that you may not find on individual plans. These plans also offer greater medical coverage and billing options for improved financial benefits to the employees.

Happy Employees:

Providence medical insurance makes your employees happy. It strengthens the bond of employee and company and bridges the gap between them. It truly gives the sense of organization to the company and gives relief to the employee. It shows that the company is interested in the general well-being of their employees.

Cost Estimation:

When a company is planning to buy a group health insurance package, they should keep in mind the total cost of the plan. A group policy includes premium (main bill) plus out of pocket (bills that are to be paid other than the main bill). Sometimes out of pockets bills even surpass the premium bill.

So, always choose a plan that is most suitable for the employee as well as the company. However, the price is dependent on various factors such as age, salary, health status, number of group members and other subsidies.

Also, the different categories of insurance plans also affect the cost due to the number of features and benefits. The price is shared by everyone in the group. Typically, companies pay the upfront cost and employees tend to pay the monthly cost for the duration. A plan in the U.S. can cost $462 without the subsidy but it varies state to state.


Companies should buy health insurance for their employees as it is beneficial for both. They have to pay the billing cost but can generate far greater revenue by investing in medical insurance. It is a good tactic for retaining industry experts and a committed workforce.

The company can overcome other financial challenges that are already discussed in the article. Having a team of healthy and satisfied employees, companies can swiftly grow into a big business and renowned organization.

You can find numerous reliable financial advisors in your neighborhood who can provide you with smart advice and tips. They help in buying the best plan that works for you and your employees as they are legally bound to work in your best interest.

If you are unable to find any advisor as per your requirement, you can fill out our form above. We guarantee the best quote for the Health insurance from multiple vendors.

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