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Read out buying advice for highway trucks

If you are on the hunt for a vehicle to transport goods, you must have seen that there is a large variety to choose from. The different types of moving trucks are good for different tasks and sometimes – a one-size-fits-all solution does not work.

In this guide, let’s take a look at some different types of highway trucks that can be utilized to transport everything from sports car to household goods.

1. Trailer trucks

The most popular type of highway truck is the trailer truck. These types of trucks are appropriate for most transportation needs and have the ability to carry more than 24,000 kg during a single trip. They are also versatile and can be loaded from the back, top, and even sides.

2. Flatbed trucks

As the name implies, a flatbed truck comprises of a flat level bed with no sides and roof. Instead, the driver uses tarps to cover the goods that are being transported in this vehicle. The highway trucks flatbed have the capability to carry any type of oversized goods like cars, steel coils, and lumbar.

3. Refrigerated highway trucks

Refrigerated highway trucks are similar to trailers – but have containers that are equipped with a cooling system to keep the enclosed items fresh. They are mainly used for frozen food items and by the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Lowboy trailer

You may want to look into a lowboy trailer if you are transporting items that are taller than the legal height of other trailers. They can haul up to 80,000 pounds of weight – depending on the axles they have. However, it should be noted that different states have varying regulations regarding the lowboy trailers and it is important that you look into it the required permits before investing in the trailer.

5. Tail-lift truck

This type of truck is equipped with a lifting mechanism that makes it convenient to load/unload goods from the back of the vehicle. They have a capacity to carry up to 2,000 kg of goods.

6. Specialty trailers

These types of trailers are specifically used to haul hazardous materials like fuel. They have a capacity of over 200,000 pounds. However, specialty trailers require special permits to operate on the road. Additionally, it is necessary to follow all the regulations that are required for a specialty trailer as cutting corners can cause severe health and financial consequences.

7. Side kit trailers

The side kit trailers have wood paneling equipped on the side of the truck. These are usually used to carry gravel, dirt, and other material that cannot be easily packed.

8. Sleeper truck

Many trailers have sleeper trucks attached to their cabin. These are small compartments that can be used by the truck drivers and their companions to rest and change.

Invest in the best type of trailer for your work

Whether you are ordering a brand new trailer or a used highway truck with sleeper, make sure you consider the weight, dimension, and the use of your truck. For example, a flatbed trailer is not suitable for electronic items where it will be exposed to elements. On the other hand, an enclosed container is necessary for the protection of fragile items, while a refrigerated truck would be the most suitable for ice cream and other frozen desserts.

How much do highway trucks cost?

If you are planning to buy a new highway truck, the overall cost can depend on many variables including the type of truck you select, its model, fuel efficiency, horsepower, and cargo capacity.

At an average, the starting price of a truck is $80,000 and can exceed up to $200,000.

Luckily, there are many financing options available for truckers including loan and dealer financing. However, in both the cases, a down payment is required.

It is also necessary to consider the recurring charges that come with the upkeep of trucks. This includes:

  • Fuel
  • Oil changes
  • Regular servicing
  • Insurance

What about used trucks?

Second hand highway trucks are also available to meet the demands of the truckers. Their prices vary and are mainly dependent on their current condition and previous usage. You may also have to refurbish it with a good coat of paint and some maintenance. It may also break down on frequent intervals and potentially require you to repair/change several parts such as battery, seating, exhaust system, breaks, etc.

Nevertheless, you can get a used highway truck for ¼ of the price of a new vehicle and if you are short on cash – you may want to consider the option as well.

Rental highway trucks

You can also choose to lease out a truck or even a fleet of truck. Unlike buying, there is no long-term commitment and you can change the trucks to a newer model when the leasing terms are up. It is also a good option for drivers who are having no or little money to invest in the large vehicle. This way they can carry their operations efficiently and may payment in a span of one to three years.

At an average, you can easily get a new or even used truck on rent for approximately $800 – $2500 per month – depending on the model of the vehicle.

In most cases, a down payment is also not required to rent the highway truck, especially if you have been part of the trucking industry for long. But if a down payment is necessary, you can expect to pay around $1000.

Get the best quote for your highway truck

Purchasing a highway truck requires careful consideration and having a reputable company by your side can make the process easy. A reliable transportation company can help you decide the type of trailer that is best for your industry and give you a know-how of the required permits along with loading/unloading tips.

If you are also looking for the best highway day cab, you have come to the right place. We deal with all types of trailer trucks and can provide you with the best deals in town. To get started, simply fill in the form above and have our representative get in touch with a quote!

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