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Most business owners agree that their employees play the role of backbone in their organization and managing human resources has become a critical role in managing a business. Yet some businesses struggle to understand various functions of the HR department. They find various HR speciality areas like recruiting, payroll, benefits, compliance and more, comprehensive and complex. The reason they fail to perform these functions successfully is because of hiring many HR specialists’ small businesses will cost an arm and leg. While on the other hand, an HR generalist performing all of the functions may result in less than optimal results. Small businesses can achieve the same level of efficiency and workforce management by HR outsourcing and by joining a professional employer organization (PEO).

Why small businesses outsource HR?

HR outsourcing not only offers cost and time effectiveness but also provides business owner to focus only on the core value of their business without wasting time, money and energy on HR. But also, HR consultants can do better research and offer benefits brokerage service, optimization and renewal management. Some of them will take full responsibility and owner of HR administration and will work as your partner who will take care of everything of your HR arm. HR outsourcing companies not only work on day-to-day responsibilities but also help you design and optimize favourable pricing for your benefits.

Types of HR outsourcing

Every small business is different and has different needs; there are several options provided by HR outsourcing companies. These options allow you to choose as per your budget, size of Organization, Paying schedules, number of employees, and additional benefits your company is offering.

HR outsourcing

The majority of small businesses take advantage of HR outsourcing to deal with complex processes. Depending upon the size of an organization, only some functions are dealt by the HR outsourcing companies, and a co-management relationship or shared relation is formed. The strategic HR role remains an in-house position; however, most administrative and tactical, are outsourced. Many companies take advantage of HR services for small businesses according to their budgets. They can take advantage of the following services

  • Benefits administration
  • HR management
  • Regulatory / risk management
  • Payroll
  • Other

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional employer organization (PEO) is responsible for handling all HR tasks and it is highly beneficial for small business. A co-employment relationship if formed between professional organizations and the organization in which the company plays the role of onsite employer and the PEO take ownership of the records. As the employer of the records, the PEO will take responsibility of taxes and workers compensation. The financial responsibility of small businesses is reduced because of the joint burden. In addition, PEO can benefit from reduced rates for retirement plans and health services by connecting employees to all of its clients. They often offer payroll outsourcing, performance management, recruitment, background checks and other job-related administrative tasks that depend on the needs of the company that employs them.

Payroll services

Payroll management can be a headache for even the most meticulous and experienced professionals: outsourcing payroll offers an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. HR services for small businesses can provide less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your taxes and performing a host of other duties. Using HR services for small business can relax your brain. As reported by internal revenue service, one out of every three employers face charges for a payroll mistake, and the penalties’ can reach billions of dollars in total.

Benefits of outsourcing HR


A well trained FR staff and the additional office staff is what a properly function HR department means. Most small businesses prefer to outsource HR management because of the costs associated with the whole department while includes salaries as well as office space and operational costs.

Better risk management

Business and tax laws are updated regularly, and it takes more time and effort to remain up-to-date with the latest laws. HR services for small business ensure all tasks means in case of mistake, they will be responsible for penalties, not your business.

Better efficiency

It is the main reason many business owners choose HR services for small businesses. It means HR services for small businesses will be streamlining significant activates like compliance, payroll and employee administration so you can better focus on profits and other core business activities.

Better management of employee performance

HR professionals can monitor your employee performance better and help you keep track of the improvements needed. As a result, in-house managers can have relief in the administrative responsibilities and better performance.


One of the main reasons business owners choose HR services for small businesses is to ensure smooth operations and well-maintained records. This helps in long term performance of organization, audits and taxing process.

Pricing and cost estimate

HR management is way much cost-effective than in house function. However, you can decide full or partial outsourcing as per your requirement and budget. An average small business HR outsourcing may cost you $3000 to $ 12000. However, there are several factors to consider

  • Is business a start-up or an established organization?
  • How many employees does the business have?
  • Is your business in a high growth mode where rapid procedures, policies, and practice development are necessary?
  • Do you need professional employer organizations to take full responsibility for the HR manager or looking for specific functions handling only?
  • Do you need strategic advice or consulting?
  • Are you principally looking for someone to ensure you are compliant with employment regulations and provide benefits administration?


The outsourcing of human resources can be cheaper than a dedicated full-time employee; additionally, it will provide access to the resources, skills, and experience of the entire HR team, with a broad and in-depth range across all functional areas of human resources. It’s more than a person can give. Also, remember that the human resources you need now may differ from the ones you need after 18 months. For example, in edit mode, the person who creates and applies the policies may not be the same as the person who manages them.

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