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Folding hundreds of envelopes, brochures, flyers, and sales letters in different styles by hand is not only hard, but it’s time-consuming and tiring as well. To save you the trouble and time, we introduced to you the letter folding machines.

These productive machines help you save you time and fold letters for you skillfully. Additionally, these expert machines envelop your reports neatly and accurately.

What Are Letter Folding Machines?

Letter folding machines are a convenient and less painful way of getting all your paper folding done. With these machines, you can say goodbye to paper-cuts and say hello to neatly folded paper.

Working to fold business letters for hours at the end is an exhausting feat, and there’s a high chance your work will start getting sloppy and uneven, which ultimately harms your business. That’s why getting a letter folding machine for office use is a fantastic idea. These efficient machines will make your work easier for you!

All you have to do is put the paper from one end.  Next, you wait for the letter to come out from the other end. It’ll come out in seconds, all prepared and folded elegantly. What’s more? These machines don’t just fold brochures; these are letter folding and inserting machines!

This means that along with getting your letters folded, the inserter machine will put them into envelopes and seal them neatly. Plus, these easy-to-use machines are available in several different designs and features to best accommodate your needs. Isn’t that awesome?

What Are The Types Of Letter Folding Machines?

Now that you know what letter folding machines are, let’s talk about the different types of letter folding machines.

These are usually of two main types:

  • Pneumatic Folding Machines

Commonly known as air-powered paper folders, these machines push the paper inside using a vacuum. Pneumatic folding machines come with a built-in compressor.

Furthermore, these machines come with over sixteen folding plates. They can even have several knife folds depending on the imposition. Additionally, depending on the type purchased, they can easily be adjusted manually or electronically.

  • Feeding Systems

Feeding systems are of two types:

  • Flat Pile

In flat pile, you place the paper on the feeding table. After that, each sheet is transported into the machine by friction or an air-controlled suction-wheel, depending on the model. A unique type of flat pile machine is palatalized feeding. In this, an entire stack of paper is placed on the feeding table and then neatly folded.

  • Continuous Pile

The other type is known as continuous. In this kind of machine, you have to place the sheets onto a belt, table, or roller. The roller moves the papers around the end of the machine. Once there, each sheet is individually pushed into the machine by an air-controlled suction-wheel.

Feeding machines are comparatively more accessible and cheaper. But folding machines are faster and better for business.

What Types Of Folds Can These Machines Make?

The type of fold the machine produces depends upon the metal plates present. The machine has several metal plates that determine the crease and fold of the paper.

Furthermore, some models can make four to five different kinds of fold, while others just one. Below are some of the most common types of letter folders present:

  1. Letter Fold – C Fold
  2. Accordion Fold – Z Fold
  3. Single Fold – V Fold
  4. Double Parallel Fold – precisely like a two-page pamphlet
  5. Engineering Fold – Half Accordion Fold
  6. Cross Fold or French Fold – One side shorter than the other
  7. Baronial Fold – Like a tri-fold
  8. Gate Fold – also resembles a tri-fold

Advantages Of A Letter Folding Machine

From boosting productivity to protecting your fingers from paper cuts, these machines have innumerable benefits. These are some of the critical benefits of letter folding machines:

  • Less Time, More Work!

These productive machines are best for saving money while getting more work done. How? You ask.

Well, doing work with hands will take you hours, especially if you have a big mailing to do. Using these proficient machines saves you big time. Once you put the paper in, you can focus on other, more pressing business work while the machine does it magic!

  • Save Money!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love saving money?

Not only are these machines time-saving, but they also help you save money as well. Hiring someone to fold letters for you is time-consuming and way too expensive. Taking out a monthly salary for them and the additional charges for special instructions can take a significant toll on your business and budget.

That’s why a letter folding machines are the best for office use. The initial charges are somewhat high, but it helps you save money in the long run. Trust us, a letter folding and inserting machine is a good investment!

  • High-Quality Work

The primary purpose of these machines is to fold letters, meaning that your letter is artfully folded neatly. The professional look your reports, pamphlets, brochures, letters, business cards get from these top-notch quality machines cannot be achieved by an in-house worker.

These machines make the ideal crisp crease and precisely fold your letters. Next, the machine gracefully envelopes your letters. Not only does this look great, but it is sure to leave a good impression on your clients.

How To Choose The Right Letter Folding Machine

When looking for the letter folding machine that best suits you or your company, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Manual or Automatic?

Considering manual letter folders need you to put the papers in, it isn’t the most cost-effective machine for businesses and companies. Automatic letter machines are the way to go if your company has hundreds of letters and business mails to fold.

2. Paper Thickness

Not all machines can fit cardstock paper, so if you use them, lookout for a device that allows different materials to go through.

3. Size Of The Paper

Most machines come with a maximum and minimum paper size. Therefore, be sure to carefully choose the one that covers all the formats your business needs.

4. How Fast?

For big businesses with letters overflowing, we have high-volume machines. These work faster than others would. Some can even fold 4,000-plus sheets per hour!

5. Space Required?

These machines come in all sizes. Getting a letter folding machine for office use means you need one that doesn’t occupy too much space.

Worry not! You can get a desktop machine. These are just as efficient and take up less space.


Letter folding machines are a revolutionary machine that is cost-effective, time-saving, efficient, and extremely productive. There are no drawbacks to getting one!

You should hurry up and get one for yourself too!

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