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Medical hi-end technology has led us to access several patients’ information readily in any healthcare facility. Physicians and healthcare providers tend to collect essential records through patients note to proceed with futuristic treatments. Thus, Doctors are bound to make the patient’s note routinely during their clinical practices. Nevertheless, dictating and recording them comes a far more challenging task than creating them.

What Could Be Better Option; Medical Transcriptionist, Software Or Medical Transcription Companies?

Healthcare facilities often take help from Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Though the bots-led speech recognition feature might create discrepancies in transcription compared to the work of a professional medical transcriptionist, we cannot deny the importance and accuracy of patient’s note in playing a significant role in saving a person’s life; therefore, one cannot rely on the software. Whereas hiring an in-house medical transcriptionist, especially for transcription, might be an effective solution but far more costly. Also, the workload on a single person may overburden him and get frustrated fast.

Thus, the most suitable and effective solution for a healthcare facility is to look for trustworthy and reliable medical transcription companies to get the patient’s note transcription done accurately. The transcription services are far more responsible for quality transcription carried out by a person, accuracy, budget-friendly prices with fast turnovers. The medical transcription companies have professional and highly qualified medical facilitators to offer transcription services on a wide array of medical requirements such as:

  • Medical Lab Report transcription
  • Patient Chart Transcription
  • Patient History Transcription
  • Physical or mental Report Transcription
  • Medical Records Summary Transcription
  • Patient Recovery Transcription
  • Emergency Treatments Transcription
  • Surgery Notes Transcription
  • Geriatric/Pediatric record Transcription
  • Medical Communication Transcription

What Type Of Transcription Services Medical Transcription Companies Offers?

The healthcare providers, physicians, doctors and surgeons have to accomplish multiple responsibilities related to their profession besides making patient’s note. They have to attend several medical conferences, webinars and corresponding meetings which makes it necessary to hire a medical transcriptionist to get their job done. Some of the essential medical requirements needed to be transcribed may include:

  • Consultations
  • Progress/SOAP notes
  • Radiology reports
  • Referral letters
  • Hospital reports
  • Phone messages

Three Categories OF Transcription Services!

To cater to every requirement of the healthcare providers, medical transcription companies offer three categories of transcription services:

  • Audio Medical Transcription facility: The experts may cover different English dialects and accents for transcription. The professionals are well-equipped to accept and transcript audio medical dictations, research files or podcasts offered.
  • Video Medical Transcription facility: The transcribers are skilled to facilitate English audios and on-screen medical descriptions. They can provide written services for medical webinars and videos as well.
  • Customized Medical Transcription facility: Our experts are highly qualified; you can also have the personal or modified medical transcription solution as per your requirements. Top of Form

Three Methods OF Transcription Distribution!

The medical transcription companies not only empower you with the categories but also allows you to receive your transcription files as per the desired method. You can attain the medical transcription service in three different ways, such as:

  • Telephone dictation (toll-free)
  • Handheld digital recorders
  • Cassette tapes

Problems Encountered By Healthcare Organizations Without Medical Transcription Company Services

Medical transcription is the essential requirement of every healthcare organizations. However, performing the job with software and in-house medical transcription team is a costly procedure and inefficient as well. Whereas, those health organization which are not referring to medical transcription billing company suffers more in terms of fulfilling the compliance with HIPAA guidelines regarding medical transcription. Let’s discuss some of the problems faced by healthcare organizations without efficient medical transcription services:

  • Office staff consumes more time and incorrect administrative task performance in activities like patient’s billing or insurance claim processing.
  • Interpreting the present doctor medical notes creates physical barriers for insurance companies, families, patients and other physicians to understand the patient’s history.
  • The low-security mechanism in medical organizations to handle hundreds of patient’s medical record files create a potential threat for healthcare facilities.
  • Hospitals have to offer hefty salaries, benefits and health insurance investments to set-up an inhouse transcriber team.
  • The organization have to purchase expensive real-estate, costly equipment and supervisors to check quality workflow are other problematic heavy-budget aspects faced by the healthcare facilities.

Five Benefits Of Using Medical Transcription Services

  1. Convenient Patient Charting: The medical transcriptionist assists the physicians in writing and proof-read oral medical notes with accuracy and time efficiency. The experts hired within the medical transcription companies’ team are trained and sufficiently skilled. They can deal with particular medical terminologies jargon and phrasing different medical conditions. It helps to save occupied physician’s time from deciphering hand-written records and attend more patients afterwards. Also, the charting enables other healthcare providers or family member to understand the patient’s condition quickly.
  2. Surge In Accuracy: Hiring transcriber from medical transcription companies ensures outstanding quality-control medical transcription services. The medical transcriber can be hired as per their specialization in the subjects including cardiology, neurology, dermatology, pediatric etc. The exceptional standard of outsourcing ensures quality and outshining accurate documentation freed from typos mistakes, incorrect medical terminologies, medics and misspelt words.
  3. Saves Time And Efforts: Outsourcing the medical transcription tasks enables the physicians to see more patients. Additionally, it benefits the hospitals with time management challenges as well. Contracting with a medical transcription billing company proves to be a beneficial solution as they efficiently deal with patient’s records transcription, billing and management in real-time.  The companies tend to cover loads of administrative tasks of healthcare organizations under the supervision of experts.
  4. Saves Cost Reserves: Appointing an in-house medical transcriptionist is a far more costly procedure. It is because of the costs incurred in favour of his monthly payroll, bonus, salaries, subject speciality, unemployment taxes and health insurances. On the other hand, getting your medical document transcribed by outsourcing to medical transcription companies would cost you half with utter professionalism and fast delivery.
  5. Insurance Claims Quick Processing: Getting the insurance claim of patients to proceed through insurance companies is far more challenging than anything else. Insurance companies might deny the payments based on small errors like misspelt words or punctuation (“I” not doted or either “T” should be crossed or not). Thus, outsourcing the medical transcription helps to get you out of such errors and be clear in your context. It helps to get your chart notes rated in first-prioritized orders which ultimately ends up processing smoothly during an insurance claim.

Budget For Hiring Medical Transcriptionist

Earlier, the medical transcription services cost 6-14 cents per line (65 characters). However, with the Visible Black Character (VBC or VBCs) trend, the transcription charges have shifted. The VBC refers to the characters like punctuation mark or letters excluding of the spaces in between. Due to the VBC model, the variation in transcription costing can be specific and noticed. Approx. 52 (VBCs) are found within 56-character line; the price range may vary from $0.07 to $0.20 per line. However, the standard transcription costs approx. $0.12 to $0.14 per line.

However, transcription services budget may vary according to the requirements and utilization of the transcriber in a health facility. Some of the factors may include:

  • The expertise of transcriber required according to physicians’ medical practices.
  • The number of healthcare providers using transcription services?
  • What would be the preferred transcription method required in a healthcare facility?
  • The actual number of lines generation daily requiring transcription?
  • The document types which needs medical transcription services?


The medical transcription services ensure accurate patients medical history recording, which works later as a referral for healthcare providers. It serves physicians to analyze the patient’s progress and chart-out further medical procedure as per the patient’s treatment plan. Thus, outsourcing the job in trustworthy professional’s hand is an intelligent decision to make. The medical transcription companies prove to be the best solution to take away these hassles!

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