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It is not a secret anymore that many people cannot start their day without having a cup of coffee. But instead of preparing it by yourself or your employees which can be time-wasting, the best option available these days is office coffee services. This refers to coffee makers and coffee preparation supplies to various businesses such as hospitals, retail, casinos, food service, government, and military departments. Many people are not aware of its benefits but office coffee service can be a wonderful idea for your business. Not only will this increase office morale, but it can boost your productivity as well. Your employees will be grateful for this and will appreciate it.

Hiring an office coffee service prevents your employees to waste their useful time making coffee runs. On one side, it will save them time and money of your company while on the other side, it helps employees stay happy and as a result, they will work with greater passion, and that’s what the owner of the company wants! Office coffee services include the installation of coffee machines, which are supplied and maintained by various vendors, to ensure coffee availability 24/7. The products needed for office coffee service include coffee, coffee brewer, beverages mixes, flavoring syrups, and some other products.

Frac Packs

A popular preparation offered by office coffee service is called frac pack. These are designed to give you a better cup of coffee without doing too much work. This is ground coffee in a self-contained packet, enclosed by a filter. Without the requirement to measure the right amount of coffee, or cleaning out the old grounds, this allows a regular drip coffee maker to be used. To brew a pot of coffee, you just need to pop up a frac pack into the coffee vending machine along with water and hence, a flawless pot is brewed every time. With effortless preparation, a consistently mouth-watering brew is perfect for the office environment.

Office Coffee Service for Different Businesses

Almost every business today needs coffee at their workplace to reduce the pressure of the work to some extent. Whether these are restaurants, hotels, or government institutions, quality coffee is something they look forward to. We offer premium office coffee services to various businesses. Let’s check it out:

1. Lodging

Whether you are managing a restaurant, hotel or a roadside motel, your customers will always appreciate a cup of coffee at their table and the most effective way to do it is to partner with an office coffee delivery service, just like us! It will not only enhance your hotel’s reputation but you also will not need additional staff, kitchen resources, or the equipment needed for its supplies. Coffee service at your restaurant does not only mean to ensure that your customers are taken care of, but this can also be an ideal solution to increase your restaurant’s value and it’s perception in the market.

2. Hospitals

One primary goal of hospitals and healthcare is to create a soothing and peaceful environment for the patients which helps reduce the tension often associated with the doctor’s offices. Coffee machines are available in many hospitals these days where they play a vital part to provide a happy and comfortable environment. Along with the patients, the staff members also enjoy warm soothing beverages and make them feel relax.

3. Educational Institutions

Whether you are at a school, college or university, you can enjoy a hot and fresh pot of coffee that will fuel you throughout the day. It gives the teachers energy and enables them to teach more efficiently and effectively.

Types of Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines are commonly seen in different business offices these days. A lot of different types of coffee vending machines are available in the market. Here we will discuss some of the most commonly used.

1. Free Coffee Vending Machines

This is the most widely used coffee vending machine in which all the products are free of cost for the employees of the office or company. The employees can get a hot cup of coffee any time they want and the company pays the pill at the end of the month. The market of these machines has greatly increased due to the awareness among the people of the link between productivity and staff happiness.

2. Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machines

These machines can be seen in older cafes, petrol stations, or hotels having a sticker of “R4 for all drinks” fixed on its front. These machines are primarily used to control the company’s spend and tender money for goods. But there are some problems associated with this machine such as coin rejection and jamming.

3. Floor-Standing Coffee Vending Machines

These are the most expensive of all the coffee vending machines and can be commonly seen in airports, banks, or train stations. They also contain an anti-theft mechanism which is the primary cause for its high price. These are usually of the coin-operated variety but certain models operate without the coin part.

4. Table-Top Coffee Vending Machines

These are mostly found in the company’s kitchen and are a type of free vending variety. These are the cheapest of all the vending machines and are ideal for most of the companies due to their small size and ease of installation.

5. Single Cup Coffee Vending Machines

These are the coffee vending machines that prepare coffee that will be enough only for a single portion. These machines usually use pods and make a consistent product every time. If you are looking to eliminate the need to make a full pot of coffee even if you need just one cup, these type of machines is the ideal solution. Because of their efficiency and reliability, the popularity of single-cup coffee vending machines has grown immensely.

Pricing of Office Coffee Services

Costs of the brewing equipment can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. However, the cost of office coffee service primarily comes from the actual beverages. On average, its price ranges from %$50-$125 per employee, per year. You can expect to pay $20-$40 for a 24-48 count pre-ground coffee bags. For premium coffee blends, the price increases to about $75-$90. In the case of individual Frac Pacs for single-cup brewing, you’ll have to pay around $30-$60 per 42-count case.

Costs of a 25-100 count box of tea are round about $4-$10 and can be more for higher count cases. Some office coffee services also cost for the consumables such as lids, cups, stirrers, creamers, or sugars. 50 to 250 count of lids, cups, or artificial sweeteners can cost you $5-$25 extra per month. The price of a box of hot chocolates can vary between $10-$15 and depends on its quantity and an instant soup can cost $10-$50.


So, whenever you want to hire office coffee service, make sure that it is reliable, efficient and it best suits your business needs. If you are looking for some large services related to office coffee services, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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