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Office cubicles have become an essential component of modern offices. Looking at its benefits, many companies around the world are now planning to have the best-designed cubicles for their offices. A cubicle is a partially enclosed counter or workspace that is separated from its adjacent workspaces by partitions. They help in isolating the office employees and managers from the sights and distractions of an open workspace allowing them to concentrate better. Cubicles are composed of elements such as work surfaces, walls, drawers, and overhead bins. Its installation is done by trained persons, however, the configuration changes can be made by the users without any training.

Office cubicles have replaced individual offices or the huge un-partitioned space that was shared by hundreds of workers. Along with providing privacy and security, it also provides convenience and affordability to the employees. They are very cost-efficient and prevent you from the distractions around your counter.

Modern office cubicles are equipped with a computer, keyboard, monitor, and a desk phone on the work surface. Cubicles usually have no lamps because most of the offices already use fluorescent lights. Other items that a cubicle usually has included an office chair, a bookcase, filing cabinet, and a coatrack. When you decide to incorporate office cubicles into your company, you would need a furniture consultant and a space planner to assist you. Because of limited space, it is not possible to provide a personal office to each employee, therefore, office cubicles are the best solution to this problem.

Types of Office Cubicles

There are various types of office cubicles available these days in the market. The most widely used are given below:

1. Low Wall Cubicles

It is the most popular cubicle used in the offices. It is about 42 inches in height and low enough to see your fellow cube-mate easily. It allows for easier coworker collaboration and gives the worker a better line of sight. It enables the employee to easily talk to someone without having to stand up and increases productivity due to quick responses. Low wall cubicles can reduce the claustrophobic feeling by opening up the workspace to better light.

2. High Wall Cubicles

High wall cubicles are used in offices that need high privacy. Employees cannot peer into their cube mate’s counter even by standing and thus, they are free of outside distractions. This type of cubicle is best for those counselors who make sensitive conversations or face difficulty in a noisy environment. They are mostly used in companies that are very serious and conservative in their productivity, more than collaboration. Its disadvantage is that it can make the worker feel solitary and isolated from their co-workers.

3. Glass Wall Cubicles

These cubicles offer benefits that other cubicles cannot compete with. They are very stylish and mostly used by modern and expensive companies. It provides a modern look and enhances your company’s reputation and image. Along with maintaining privacy, they allow better visibility throughout the office whether the door is open or closed. By seeing other employees working through the glass walls, it helps in building unity and interaction among the workers. It also allows the sunlight to enter the office.

4. Benching System

In the benching system, bench-like desks are arranged in the office space that can accommodate many workers. It means that one desk is like a workstation for multiple workers. They are often found in open space offices. They save more space as compared to cubicles because they don’t involve paneling. It eliminates the need for a conference room and allows the whole team to work at one desk.

Size of Office Cubicles

Office cubicles are available in various sizes and it depends on the manufacturer. The size of the cubicles you want to buy depends on your office culture and needs. For example, if your workers collaborate consistently, then low height cubicles are perfect for you. Usually, the size of the office cubicles ranges from 6’ x 6’ to 8’ x 12’. The various sized cubicles are discussed below:

1. The 8 x 8 Cubicles

These are the small office cubicles and contain minimal file cabinets they are solely used as a work area.

2. The 8×10 Cubicles

These office cubicles are mostly used in the architectural and engineering firms.

3. The 8×12 Cubicles

They are the most widely used office cubicles, primarily used for managers as they require space while communicating with visitors.

Used Office Cubicles

Pros and cons are always there while buying used office cubicles. The biggest benefit it offers is the cost. It can save your business a good amount of money, as used cubicles come at a fraction of the cost of the new ones. This can be critical at a stage when you are looking to buy quality products at an affordable price or if you are working with a tight budget. The sellers always try to part with their items as soon as possible and you can get your cubicles right away. When you buy a used cubicle, it extends the life of the furniture sending a positive message that you care about the environment.

Pricing of Office Cubicles

The pricing of office cubicles greatly varies and depends on its size and features. The average cost of most of the new cubicles ranges between $395-$2000, without including the delivery, tax, or installation fee. However, the cost of used office cubicles is around $200-$750. The higher-end office cubicles are made up of strong wood and their price varies between $5000- $8000. An entry-level office cubicle can cost about $1000 however if you want more features and better material, its price can increase up to $2500. The units that cost moiré than this include several modern features providing a stylish and comfortable working environment. The rental price of office cubicles can range between $300 -$600.

There is a lot of variety available in the quality of office cubicles and so is their price. An 8×8 cubicle costs about $1500-$2500. A cube solution mid-height office cubicle is available at around $1500-$2000 having a 12-year warranty as well. This type of cubicle also contains integrated electrical plugs and pedestal files. The more cubicles you buy, the lesser you’ll have to pay.

Benefits of Office Cubicles to your Business

Office cubicles offer a wide range of benefits whether you are running a small or large business. Here we are going to discuss some of the most common of them:

1. Privacy

This is the most useful benefit of office cubicles. Employees value privacy and cubicles provide it to them while at the same time, keeping working areas open enough to improve collaborations. Research has shown that privacy is directly linked to an employee’s level of productivity and they concentrate more when given a private space to work. Office cubicles help in increasing individuality which is very important in any organization.

2. Save Space

Office cubicles save a lot of space and make the workers feel more comfortable while working. They help maximize the given space due to the use of sliding doors and hence, make it easier to store hard copy files. Office cubicles can be created using cardboard which is very cost-effective, unlike concrete office segments.

3. Produce Error-Free Work

Many people feel irritated while working in open space because they feel that they are always being watched and hence, this decreases their productivity and efficiency. Office cubicles give them privacy and it helps in producing error-free work.


Whether you are running a call center company, a manufacturing company or any other type of business, the office cubicles that we provide will increase your company’s productivity and keep your employees happy and satisfied.

So if you are looking for some large services related to office cubicles and systems, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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