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The human brain consists of about 90% percent water and for its normal functioning, drinking water consistently is very important. To keep sure your employee’s brain works sharp throughout the day and they stay happy and hydrated, regular freshwater provided by office water services is the best solution. We provide the best office water services that will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your workplace and keep your employees fresh and hydrated.

Most of the offices around the world enjoy the facility of office water services these days. With access to packed water bottles or filtered coolers, enhances the efficiency of your workers by giving them water on-the-go. We offer quality bottled water service that ranges from sparkling to flat giving your workers multiple options to choose from. We provide office water services to any kind of business ranging from management businesses to government institutions and private sector companies.

Office water service is very important for any office because drinking common water can be harmful to your health as it may contain bacterial impurities or other toxins. Office water services make sure to provide water that is free from toxins, harmful bacteria, or any other contamination. It saves your money and your employee’s time as they won’t need to leave their desks for beverages. It will help in developing positive workplace culture and can be viewed as an added perk by the workers. Whether you need a bottle-less water dispenser, basic model, or the one that offers different water temperatures, we can provide you with any of them at an affordable price.

Types of Office Water Services

We offer a wide variety of office water service that will best suit your office needs. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Filtered Water Service and Coolers

Filtered water service is availed by most of the offices and is mostly seen in banks and government institutions. Filtered water coolers can be placed anywhere in the office and deliver inexpensive and fresh drinking water. To ensure the drinking water is free from contaminants, our filter coolers are equipped with a Zip Micro Purity water filtration system that helps in providing safe and pure-tasting water.

2. Bottled Water Service and Coolers

Bottled water is cost-efficient and is packed in glass or plastic bottles. They may be carbonated or not and their size ranges from small single serving bottles to large. Bottled water service is widely used and they provide water monthly, weekly, or even daily. Bottled water is preferred over other types due to its taste and safety concerns. In bottled water coolers, the water is processed at a plant removing the possible contaminants and any harmful bacteria. It has a reservoir was the jugs are dispensed and it is cleaned every 3-5 months to avoid spreading any germs.

3. Tap Water Services

The most obvious reason to choose tap water service is its convenience. Whenever you want drinkable water, just turn on the faucet and enjoy the fresh and germ-free water. Tap water is mostly seen in restaurants, public places, and dispensed in public drinking fountains. Tap water service is cost-efficient and only costs a fraction of a penny per gallon. The level of waste involved is minimal as compared to bottled water and it doesn’t require disposable packaging.

Pricing of Office Water Services

Pricing of office water services varies greatly and depends on the type of water service you are using and the amount of water being drunk at your office. For a bottled water delivery service, you can expect to pay a rental fee of about $30-$50 per month for the cooler only. Then, each bottle can also cost between $5-$7 per 5 gallons. Minimal water delivery can cost you $45 and in case of twenty-four 12 oz water bottles, you may be charged for $6.

Office water service saves your business money. Consider an office where there is no water service available. They will have to pay wages to staff members to go and purchase individual bottles of water and transport them back to the office. This can be more costly and time-consuming if you compare it with the costs of office water services. On average, you can expect to pay $125 per month for your office water services having 10-20 employees. This does not include other additional fees such as installation fees, cancellation fees, or maintenance fees.

Benefits of Office Water Services to your Business

We provide office water services that ensure that the water supply is always maintained at your office. There are various benefits of choosing such a service some of which are given below:

1. Employees Feel More Energetic

Your employees work hard throughout the day to compete with their tasks and can feel exhausted and tired. So they need to drink plenty of water consistently to remain fresh and feel more energetic. Tired and exhausted workers will not be able to perform their tasks efficiently and therefore, office water services ensure that water is always available to your staff to keep them active.

2. Eliminate Sugar Cravings

We also offer an office water delivery service that provides spring water from the mountains. This water is refreshing, thirst-quenching, and contains the natural minerals in just the right proportion. Drinking this water will make your employees rely less on tea or coffee and hence, reduce sugar cravings. This will help in making you feel much better and healthier. The spring water can be delivered to your office in many forms such as dispensers, bottled spring water, or tap facility.

3. Well Hydrated Staff Means Increased Productivity

By drinking plenty of pure and freshwater, your employees will remain well-hydrated and this can result in increased productivity. They will feel much healthier and happier which allows them to focus more on their work. Dehydration can have negative effects on your overall health and can cause headaches, brain fog, or irritability that can lead to decreased productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to have an office water service that will eliminate these problems.


Whether you own a small scale business or a corporate office having thousands of employees, we offer excellent and standard office water services that will best suit your office demands. We have the latest water purifying technology and offer individual water bottles, giving your workers the much-needed energy.

So, if you are looking for some large services related to office water services, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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