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In today’s world, green and reusable energy is the major focus of scientists and environmental experts. For this purpose, various inventions are being made consistently and one such invention is a portable building. So, what is a portable building? It is a structure designed and built in such a way that it can be moveable from place to place, rather than located permanently. It is also called transportable or demountable building. They can be used temporarily according to one’s needs and then taken away. Portable buildings have been used for a long time but recently due to its latest models having additional features, their use has been excessively increased.

Portable buildings have a lot of uses in the modern world. They can be used as temporary site offices on construction sites or in-plant offices. Their use in a daycare facility can be highly beneficial as well. We offer a different style of portable buildings that will best suit your needs. Some portable buildings are very complex and form large office blocks over several floors while others are much simpler. They can be used to create domestic housing for communities and are highly cost-efficient as well. They are designed in such a way that they can be carried on a large lorry and can be placed on the desired location by a crane. Most of the businesses today utilize portable buildings for construction equipment and bulk storage.

Types and Uses of Portable Buildings

We offer various types of portable buildings that can be used in several ways. The list given below contains the most common types of portable buildings. Let’s check it out!

1. Portable Classrooms

When there is a shortage of capacity in educational institutions, portable classrooms are installed to provide additional classroom space. They can be removed once the capacity problem finishes due to a reduction in student population or a new school has been built in the area. Portable classrooms can also be used if the permanent classrooms are uninhabitable due to any reason and the basic utilities such as light and heat are provided by the main building. They are long-lasting and mostly built as “portapacks”.

2. Portable Medical Labs

Portable medical labs are becoming popular day-by-day and are used to provide on-site medical laboratory services such as pharmacy services to hospitals, provide rapid laboratory, and can be effectively used during emergencies. They can be quickly transported via trains, ships, or trucks and are manufactured on wheels. They can be very useful in supporting humanitarian medical missions and natural disasters. The tests that can be performed in a portable medical lab include thyroid test, male and female wellness panels, diabetes test, and a pregnancy test.

3. Portable Offices

Our portable office buildings are very unique and can meet every customer’s needs. Most of the businesses around the world are using portable offices that are very cost-effective and beneficial to their business. The roof of these buildings is made from rock wool and has a good performance on insulation. Every component of a portable office is of high quality and with a CE assurance certificate as well. It can be moved easily from one place to another and simply requires a ground foundation for its placement. Portable offices are ideal for those companies that require you to be outside of the main office most of the time.

4. Portable Retail Shops

Most of the portable retail shops are small but provide a wide range of benefits to the owner. For initial get going, they offer low start-up costs and are available for much less than a mortar outlet. Mobility is another big advantage and it allows you to take your business to people.

5. Portable Storage Buildings

We provide you with well-built and standard portable storage buildings that offer various benefits to businesses. These are made of strong steel and protect your goods from thefts.

Size of Portable Buildings

Portable buildings come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to very large. Different portable buildings have different sizes. For example, small portable classrooms have a size of 36’ x 24’ while the larger ones have dimensions of 49’ x 14’. If we take a look at the size of portable offices, they can range from 48 square feet to 400 square feet. Portable storage buildings are available in three sizes i.e 8 foot, 12 foot, and 16 foot. Apart from single-story portable buildings, we also offer two0-story portable buildings which are ideal solutions for businesses that are looking to expand but have limited space. These are pretty large and offer plenty of space for teaching facilities or additional offices. They offer more working space and are mostly used by schools and businesses.

Financing options for Portable Buildings

There are different financing options available if you want to own a portable building. The most common of these options are purchasing and leasing.

1. Purchasing a Portable Building

Purchasing a portable building is ideal for those businesses that have enough cash and income. Purchasing allows you to pay the whole price at once and you will be free from monthly installments.

2. Leasing a Portable Building

Leasing is a better option for those people who are looking to preserve cash or ownership is not desired. Leasing a portable building is more cost-efficient than purchasing one because monthly payments end up being lower in cost. There are many benefits of leasing a portable building but it is important to keep in mind that leasing does not establish ownership in the building.

Pricing of Portable Buildings

The price of portable buildings varies from type to type. Many factors are affecting the cost of portable buildings such as labor and material. Depending on the size, a portable office building can cost $100-$500 per month to rent while purchasing the same unit can cost $16000-$31000. Monthly lease payments for portable classrooms vary from$250-$3500. If you want to buy the same size portable classroom, It can cost $40-$200 per square foot and depends on the customization options. The price of a 20’ portable storage building ranges between $1000-$4000 while a 40’ can cost $3000-$7000. A general rule is the more you buy, the lesser its cost is.


In general, portable buildings have got a lot of benefits for your business and can help you save time and money. That is the reason why they are becoming so popular throughout the world and their use is consistently increasing. So, if you want large services related to portable buildings, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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