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Years ago, people used to take their meters to a postal office to add additional postage. It was time-consuming and a long process. But all this changed in 1979 when Pitney Bowes invented postage meters. Postage meters are printing machines that create and apply physical evidence of franking to mailed matter. They can be used in homes and offices and are regulated by a country’s postal authority. A postage meter can imprint an amount of postage, cancellation, functioning as a postage stamp, or a dated postmark all in one. They can print postage on to the meter tape or directly onto your mail pieces. It eliminates the need for adhesive stamps as the meter stamp serves as proof payment.

Today, the use of postage meters has greatly increased and it has adopted the shape of a business asset for the companies. Many businesses use this to reduce their mailing costs and to streamline their postage operations. Some years back, they were mostly used by large businesses that sent large volumes of mail but today, meters for small businesses are also readily available. Due to their benefits and amazing features, their popularity of ad use is rapidly increasing.

Postage meters are usually designed for customers who mail medium to large volumes of flats or letters. Most of the standard postage meters accommodate packages of 2-4lbs, however advanced meters can accommodate larger packages. Postage meter enables you to track costs from office and print postage more easily. Postage meters can be effectively used for bulk mailing as well. However, you have to apply for a permit and meet certain other requirements that can be applied with your meter stamp.

Working of a Postage Meter

After getting a postage meter, you will have to fill it with a set amount of postage to be used. The machine will print indicia on the letters that pass through it, which is known as frank. The frank contains a large amount of data about the mailed item such as weight of the item, how much postage has been paid, the class of mail, and the zip code of the mailing company. The frank may also contain data that can be used to track an item using postage systems. We offer the latest digital postage meters that can help to improve security.

Types of Postage Meters

We provide you with different types of postage meters varying from small to large. The one you need depends on your business and the amount of mail you send. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Small Postage Meters

These meters are mostly used by businesses that send a low volume of mail throughout their working days. They can create a custom-built graphic for the postage, an inner scale that weighs around 10 pounds, and a speed of 10-40 letters per minute.

2. Medium Postage Meters

These postage meters are ideal for businesses that send a large volume of mail per week. They have the ability to handle mail of different sizes and shapes, have a built-in scale that weighs 15 pounds, ability to create customizable graphics, have a speed of 100-200 letters per minute (LPM), and are semi-automatic. The weight of their built-in scale can be increased by adding an external scale.

3. Large Postage Meters

Large postage meters are equipped with the latest, advanced, and the largest set of functions. They are fully automatic and have a speed of 100-350 letters per minute. They are mostly used by large companies and corporations and can create customizable graphics.

Pricing of Postage Meters

The pricing of postage meters varies and depends on the number of packages mailed per week, meter type, and other features like account codes, thermal printing, and integrated r book. Usually, renting a postage meter can cost you $25-$230 per month. The price of a low volume machine can be around 425-$45 per month while the high volume machines can cost more than$1000 per month. These postage meters have the latest features and advanced functions which is why they cost a bit higher.

Buying or purchasing a postage meter is not possible, or you can say not allowed. Therefore, the best option is to get one on a lease which means you have to pay a fee every month to the supplier. The fee per month depends on the type of postage meter you select. For example, the low-volume meters can cost $37 per month while the large-volume postage meters put a custom quote that’s bind to the amount of mail you use it for. If you want to place a hard cap on your monthly spend, fixed fee leases are the best option.

Benefits of a Postage Meter for Small Businesses

A successful and prosperous business demands efficiency, speed and, productivity. Business owners must keep their system up-to-date with the latest technology and must be aiming for improvements every time. A postage meter can be a major component of this improvement. Some of its most common benefits to small business are listed below:

1. Convenience

Metered mail is a hassle-free process and it eliminates wasted postage due to uncertainty over rates. It’s like a devoted mailroom in your office that prevents you from making trips to the post office.

2. Savings

Using quality and up-to-date postage meter can help you save money. Instead of using multiple stamps, a digital postage meter allows you to print the exact denomination. This will help your business save time and money.

3. A much Faster Process

Applying stamps to a huge mass of envelopes is boring and time-consuming. Postage meter can stamp the envelopes much more quickly and easily.

4. Increased Security

Using postage meters enables you to not worry about damaged or lost stamps. As opposed to a cluttered desk drawer, your postage dollars are safe and secure in your lockable meter.


In today’s modern world, postage meters can prove to be a great asset to your business and can play a major part in your company’s growth. We provide a wide range of postage meters that suits a variety of businesses. The smallest meters that we offer can send less than one hundred letters per month while the larger ones can process thousands of letters a month.

So, if you want some large services related to postage meters, please fill the form above. Our team will contact you soon.

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