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The business of residential storage containers has grown immensely over the past decade. Many people around the world are involved in this business and are earning a very good amount of money. This is just because of its increasing use. People are becoming aware of its uses and benefits and buying it at a rapid pace. A residential storage container is a structure that can be placed in your home or business area to store different items such as clothing, goods, equipment, household, merchandise or various business materials. They are watertight, secure, long-lasting and an excellent solution for various needs such as storage.

Residential storage containers are designed in such a way to be placed directly on the ground without any support, having no wheels or utilities. Whether you need some extra space due to moving or having too much stuff in your home or office, these storage containers are the perfect solution. These containers are made strong and ensure that your storing materials stay completed protected. With improving technology and an increase in its demand, different types of residential storage containers are available in the market these days, designed in such a way to best meet your needs.

Storage Containers for Business

Along with its residential use, these containers can also be used by various businesses. Most of the industries around the world use storage containers that offer a wide range of benefits to them. This can be an ideal solution for businesses that are trying to avoid purchasing extra warehouse space. Let’s discuss some of the benefits these containers provide:

1. Weatherproof

When it comes to protecting the valuable goods of your industry or business, theft is not the only thing to worry about. Extreme weather condition is also something that can greatly damage the goods. Whether it is extreme rain, fast blowing wind, or hot sunshine, you don’t need to worry if your goods are stored in a storage container. These containers are made up of materials that are tough and resistant to these conditions, ensuring protection to your goods.

2. Security

As mentioned earlier, the security of their goods is one of the major concerns for businesses. Stolen goods not only cause loss of thousands of dollars to your business but it also affects the quality of service you provide to customers. The storage containers protect your goods from theft because they are made up of strong and tough material such as steel.

3. Versatility

Another valuable benefit of a storage container is its versatility. They can be used for numerous purposes in various locations. They can also be customized to fit your business needs and are also available in various sizes.

4. Customizable

This is another primary advantage of storage container that allows you to create storing equipment that best matches your business needs. For example, if you are not happy with the temperature of your storage unit, add insulation that adjusts the temperature according to your needs.

Size of Residential Storage Containers

Residential storage containers are available in various sizes ranging from very large to the smaller ones. When buying a storage container, select the size keeping in mind the items you will place in it and the space you have to place the container on. Here we will discuss some of the most commonly used storage containers according to their size.

  1. 8’ Residential Storage Container

This storage container is ideal if you need little storage space or you don’t have a lot of space in your home. If you are looking to store some seasonal equipment, an 8-foot storage container is the one you should buy. Its dimensions are

Width: 7’ 2”

Height: 7’ 6”

Length: 8’

  1. 10’ Residential Storage Container

This storage container has enough space to fit the contents of a moderately furnished bedroom and is usually used by people moving to or from a smaller living space. These are quite wider and lengthier and also be used during a home renovation. Its dimensions are

Width: 8’

Height: 8’ 6”

Length: 10’

  1. 20’ Residential Storage Container

For residential storage and moving, this is the most commonly used storage container. Its dimensions are

Width: 8’

Height: 8’ 6”

Length: 20’

Financing Methods of Residential Storage Containers

There are various financing options available if you are looking for a residential storage container. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Self-Funded Purchase

Most of the people having enough money on-hand opt to do a self-funded purchase. This is an easy and time-saving method to finance a storage container and doesn’t requires steps like approvals etc.

2. Lease

Most people choose to lease over buying a storage container because it is cost-effective and doesn’t require large upfront costs. Leasing allows you to increase the no of containers according to your business needs and therefore, can be used for both short-term and long-terms.

3. Rent to Own

In this method, you straight away pay the delivery fee and sign up for monthly billing. Then you sign the Rent to Own Agreement and your identification is confirmed by the supplier. After approval, the delivery is made in about 5 to 10 days. This is a cost-effective method to finance a storage container and after finishing paying your contract, the container is all yours!

Pricing of Residential Storage Containers

Residential storage containers come in various prices that depend on its size, the time you’ll be using it and geographic location. The average cost of a 20’ residential storage container is about $1000 to $4000. A 40’ storage container can cost between $3000 to $7000 or even more. If you purchase multiple containers, volume discounts are available which can be very beneficial for businesses. Some businesses require storage containers that need to be customized and customization can also cost %50 to $100 per hour. If you have a storage container on leasing, you have to pay around $200 to $600 per month. Many people opt to rent a storage container for about $200-$300 per month. There is also a delivery cost of about $100 to $500, no matter which method you choose to finance the container.


Residential storage containers can have excellent benefits for you, whether it is protecting your goods from thefts or harsh climates. We deal with all kinds of storage containers that can best suit your needs. So, wait no longer. Get a residential storage container for you and make your goods protected.

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