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Read out buying advice for skid steer loaders

This is a compact piece of construction equipment that was originally invented to clean the upper level of barns. It has since been adapted for many other uses. Before buying a skid steer loader, it is essential to identify why you need one, where you are going to use it, what kind of loads it will be carrying and what attachments you will need.

Why you may need a Skid Steer Loader

You may need this piece of adaptable equipment for construction, demolition, clean up, excavation, farming, and brush clearing. These activities are accomplished by using different attachments that are connected to the main skid steer loader.


Skid steer loaders perform important functions on both large- and small-scale agricultural enterprises as well as being used for loading and movement of dirt or soil. They can be used for cleaning on the farm. Some attachments such as tree shears allow farmers to manage hedgerows and brush with their skid steer loader while a garden can be tilled with the rotary tiller attachment. Auger attachments are used to drill holes for trees or fence posts. Other attachments used in farming and ranching activities are manure scraper, bale spear carriage, livestock feed pusher, feed bucket, cultivator, seeder, grapple, and mower. Attachments are changed as needed.


Small size skid steer loaders are used in underground construction and site development. Medium and larger sized machines may be used for grading and excavating as well as road building. Movement of loads such as bricks and dirt into trucks may also be accomplished with a larger sized skid steer loader.

Ground Maintenance

Ground maintenance teams can benefit from a skid steer loader, which can work with various attachments to perform many functions. These attachments include a mower, seeder, sweeper, snow blades, and snowblower and angle broom. These attachments mean that ground maintenance teams can sweep roadways and grounds, clear snow, sweep debris and cleanly cut grass on large grounds.


Industrial utility jobs may also be tackled with the use of skid steer loaders. Attachments that are used by utility services include the micro trencher attachment, which is used for installing fiber optic cable and the coring attachment, which is used for excavation work in utility repair. Other attachments used by utility services are the breaker attachment, which breaks concrete asphalt or rock, and the sweeper attachment for cleaning job sites.

Common Attachments


It is used for post digging and earth drilling.


These are designed to get a grip on irregularly shaped organic and inorganic materials.


This comes in a variety of dimensions, such as a narrow blade, a box blade, and a long blade. It is used for shallow earthwork and shallow digging activities.


This is a simple attachment and consists of two protruding flat steel struts that can slip underneath loads to lift them. It can be used by company warehouses for loading and unloading activities.


This is a standard attachment. It is attached to the end of the boom and is available in various widths and gauges for different types of work.

Snow Handler

These attachments make shoveling snow easy. Contain, mound, and blow snow as needed.


This is an earth or concrete cleaning attachment.

Types of Skid Steer Loaders

Entry Level Skid Steer Loaders

Ground-level work such as pushing snow and light backyard cleaning or snow pushing can be accomplished by a less powerful engine. If you plan to use your machine around your home, then you will have to take size into consideration as well since a larger machine will be harder to maneuver in smaller spaces. An example is the Bobcat S70 skid steer loader.

Powerful Skid Steer Loaders

Do you need a machine that can work for 10 hours a day loading and unloading dirt? You may need to travel with the machine and so have to take its travel speed into account. You also need to choose a machine that works well with the attachments you need to be using. An example is the Gehl V420, which has an engine of 90 hp and a hydraulic flow of 32 gpm.

Functional Features to look for when buying a Skid Steer Loader

Load Capacity

You should know what weight of the load will be required to be loaded on your steer loader. The smallest loaders may only have a power of 25 horsepower and so can not lift anything heavy and may only be able to lift up to 700 pounds.


Hydraulic systems power a steer skid loader attachment. You have to check the capacity and flow of hydraulic systems for the skid loader you are buying to make sure that they are compatible with the attachments you will be needing. Low flow hydraulic systems can be from 17-25 gpm and can power a grapple. While high flow hydraulic systems can be up to 40 gpm and can power a snowblower.

Radical or Vertical Lift Configuration

There are two ways to operate the skid steer loader arms. The radial-lift swings so that the bucket tilts forward slightly. The vertical lift eliminates this forward tilt but is more complex to use.


The physical size of the skid steer loader should be considered when buying. A larder loader may not be easy to move or maneuver in a limited or smaller space.


If you are buying an older or restored skid steer loader, than check the frame for any cracks or repairs.


The cost of operation of the emission technology of new and large engines should be considered. This is because of the EPA's regulations about diesel engine emissions of construction equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency had lesser diesel engine emission requirements in the past, so older loaders may be cheaper.


Thick nearly solid tires are available for use on extremely rough terrain.

Operator Skill

Maneuvering the machine requires some experience and skill level. Try to buy a machine that matches the level of skill of the person who will be operating the skid steer loader.

Where to buy a skid Steer Loader

Choose the options on our form to be matched to the skid steer loader that suits your needs. We will give you multiple price quotes so you can find the skid steer loader that is in line with your budget.


A supplier that specializes in construction equipment will have skid steer loaders for sale. These suppliers may also offer a service or parts warranty or offer after-sale support. We will match you to the suppliers and skid steer loaders that suit your needs and budget.

Used or Restored Options

Used and restored options may be available, which are cheaper than new options. Just check the frame, tires, hydraulic systems, engines horsepower, and attachments you will be needing before buying. We also give you the option to chose from used skid steer loaders.


Steer skid loaders are sometimes put up at auctions, and machinery can be looked over and sometimes driven before being bought. Online auctions are also available.

Rent or lease

Renting a skid steer loader is possible with the needed attachments for a day or a month as needed for your project. Lease with an option to buy options is also available in some areas.

Customer Support

After-sale support may be needed and should be offered by the seller you choose.

Product Reliability

While manufacturer and brand names are not everything, they are one of the things you should be considered apart from specs when choosing a machine. Some manufacturers are known to provide dependable machines that can offer years of service.

Repair or Service Warranties

Check for any repair, service, or parts warranties that your dealership or seller is offering before settling on a product.

Budget Required

The budget required to rent a mid-sized steer skid loader can range from 225 dollars a day to 2700 dollars a month. Used steer skid loaders can range in price from 13000 dollars for medium loaders to 62000 dollars for more powerful and larger machines. A small loader with 25 horsepower engine and hydraulic flow of 10 gpm will cost 12000 dollars, and this price can increase to 70,000 or more for larger loaders with higher hydraulic flow and engine horsepower.


Buying a skid steer loader is an expensive decision and should be taken after considering and noting down your needs and budget. These should be then be matched with the best quality of skid steer loader that matches your needs while providing the power and capabilities to perform the functions you need. Find the skid steer loader that matches your needs and budget by filling out our form above and get started on owning your own skid steer loader.

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