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Read out buying advice for stair lifts

Stairlifts is a great, motorized way to move things and people from one ground level to another, connected by stairways, with reduced mobility. Known as stairlifts elevator, more commonly, they provide safety as well as convenience. Stairlift elevator is best for people with medical conditions and is highly recommended for handicapped as it is effortless yet secure as well. They are among the frequently used tools in the medical care of patients. Furthermore, older people who are unable to use the regular staircase use it more frequently.

Stairlifts have an electric stair chair attached to it which allows the person to move up or down without using self-efforts. Stairlift elevator requires a staircase with a minimum width of 750 mm; it has an attached chairlift for stairs with landings. It is preferred to place your chair in such a manner that your back touches the wall, as it is a more comfortable position. All types of stairlifts have a controlling switch that controls the movement of the chair, downwards, or upwards. The rider needs to push the switch to move between the stairway. The Chair lift for stairs with landings will beep and stop itself once you reach the end of the stairway.

How can a Stairlift elevator helps you improve your business?

While running a business, the most basic thing to focus on is the client’s satisfaction and comfort. If your client is not comfortable to visit your workplace then no matter how hard you work, you can not boost your business. Customers can be of all ages and can have various medical conditions too. Consider your clients who are physically challenged or aged. If they won’t be able to access your workplace if it is on a higher floor, how would your business excel? Therefore, Stairlift installation will show your gratitude towards them how you welcome and care for your clients. It builds up the client’s trust in your caring nature. It is very suitable for restaurants, cafes, sale points and offices. Installing this gadget makes your business open to everyone.

So, boost your business now and install chair lifts for stairs with landings.

Features of stairlifts:

1- Stairlifts are like chair lifts for stairs with landings.

2- It has an effective design that does not require a lot of space.

3- The chair lift attached is padded, giving comfort to the user.

4- The armrest is adjustable.

5- It possesses a user-friendly controlling system

Types of stairs:

Following are the most common types of stairlifts:

1- Straight stairs

2- Curved stairs

3- Outdoor stairs

1- Straight stairs:

Straight stairs are one simple form of stairs which are straight in one direction. Known as the most common category of stairs, these types of stairs are mostly there in homes and commercial buildings.

2- Curved stairs:

Curved stairs are those kinds of stairs that follow a helical arc in their shape. They are larger in radius yet do not form a complete circle. Such type of staircase gives a fancy look and increase the interior decoration of a property. They are impressive in look.

3- Outdoor stairs:

These stairs are usually straight but placed outside your main entrance and entrance gates of huge buildings. They can also be curved, or L shaped in rare cases.

Benefits of Stairlift installation:

Installation of an electric stair chair is beneficial in every possible way and does not support any cons. Following are the top advantages of stairlift installation:

1- Among many benefits of stairlifts, the top advantage is it prevents injuries. Many severe injury cases occur due to foot slip in stairs due to little negligence or if there is some spillage in the staircase resulting in a slip. Skipping one or two steps in a hurry may cause a lifetime handicapping injury. Stairlift prevents the risk of injuries.

2- Stairlift elevator is simple and easy to use. The electric stair chair moves easily upward and downward by just pressing a switch button located on the armrest of the seat.

3- The chair lift ride is enjoyable and comfortable. You will enjoy your ride while using the stairlift.

4- If you are an aged or a person with any medical condition and require anyone’s assistance to walk on the staircase, then a stairlift elevator is going to restore your independence. You are in control and you don’t need someone’s help to move from one floor to another.

5- Being a disabled person may keep you restricted to one floor. Electric stair chairs give you the freedom to wander all over the building or house. It provides you freedom.

6- The installation process of chair lifts for stairs with landing is not too long. The installation process takes just a day in case of straight stairs. A few more days are required to install if the staircase design is complex but that would not take very long either. Once installed, it gives you a life long comfort.

7- It is one of the best time-saving devices.

7- It is very cost-effective.

8- The issuance of a warranty by the company secures the payment of customers.

9- They are flexible, You can install stairlifts no matter how complex the design your staircase has.

What is the cost of Stairlift?

Stairlift cost is pretty much budget-friendly. There are no fixed prices for all staircases. The price varies with the types of stairs where the Stairlift has to be installed, manufacturing company and model of Stairlift and individual customer needs. The stairlift elevator needs highly technical effort to install; different techniques are used for different types of staircases. The cost of stairlift varies with types of staircases.

  • An average stair lift cost is 2000$ to 5000$ for straight stairs with 12-14 steps.
  • If you have a curved staircase, then the chair lifts for stairs with landing will be installed with an average cost of 7500$. The price may increase if the structure of the stairs is complex.

Get your price quotes now as per your type of stairs!

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