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Video conferencing was once considered the exclusive domain of large multinationals, but today it is considered a prerequisite for every business big and small. More and more people are working from home, and video conferencing is a vital tool to expedite decision making and reliable communication.

Types of video conferencing

Web conferencing

This online video conferencing service allows two or more people to have meetings in real-time. You can have training sessions, hold a meeting, interact with classes, display presentations, all by connecting with your audience through the internet.

Reservationless Conferencing

This is on-demand video conferencing where you can make conference calls twenty-four seven without having to make a reservation or go through an intermediary.

Cloud-based video conferencing

More likely to be a cheaper and more modern alternative to traditional video conferencing. It will use a software install on the device which you are already using. No hardware, new camera, monitors, or control panels are required. Free cloud-based video conferencing solutions may have audio or visual lags that are not viable for businesses trying to conduct business in a timely and efficient way.

Traditional video conferencing

Historically traditional systems were expensive, required extensive hardware setup and maintenance, and had to be learned to operate. Costs have gone down, and installation is easier while the user experience of the new video conferencing systems is also better. They still provide dependable, secure, and quick connections while new all in one hardware means hardware and maintenance is no longer the hassle it once was.

Why you need video conferencing

Connecting different locations

You may need video conferencing to manage a scattered workforce or connect to the rest of your team. If you are traveling, you may need a reliable and affordable way to stay in touch with your workplace. You may also wish to avoid expensive traveling expenses by connecting in a dependable and cost-effective way with your work from wherever you are located.

Staying in touch with remote and work from home employees

Stay in touch with remote, freelance, and work from home employees with web conferencing, one to one chat, and voice messaging.

One on One Conversations

Have private one on one conversations while using the same services that will enable large meetings of your entire company or just a chosen few as needed.

Team Meetings

Conduct team meetings without having to gather in a physical location.

Customer Relations

Deal with customers and maintain great customer relations by providing contact with a real customer care representative in real-time by using video conferencing solutions.

Large meetings

Conduct meetings of as many people as you want without having to arrange the physical space to accommodate them. Thousands of people can take part in online learning, meetings, and team-building exercises without the constraints on gathering size, which a physical meeting would place.

Important Features to look for when choosing a video conferencing service


Get good audio, visual speed, and fast and reliable connectivity so that you can conduct your business in a timely and efficient way.

Security and encryption

You may need enhanced security and encryption services depending on your type of business.

Supporting different operating systems and devices

You want a video conferencing system that isn't tied down to one particular device or hardware. A good video conferencing system should work across multiple devices and hardware options.

Ease of use

You should be able to use your video conferencing system without any extensive guidance and without having to go into technicalities. It should be an easy system for people who are not technologically literate to make sure that most people can use it easily.


Your video conferencing services should be in your price range and offer the quality and comprehensive services that you need at cost-effective rates.

Customer Support

Choose a video conferencing service with twenty-four-seven customer support services from real human beings.

Guest Invites

You should be able to invite as many people as you need for your video conferences. Whether you require one on one private chat or a companywide general meeting, your video conferencing system should be able to handle it. Even if you require the attendance of meetings by people outside the company, your video conferencing system should have a system in place for that contingency.

All in one video conferencing services

Get the video conferencing service with all features in one package so that you don't have to invest in different systems for different needs.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Facilitates Research and Development

Those in the scientific and engineering fields will benefit from pooling knowledge and resources and discussing events in real-time by secure video conferencing systems.

Virtual Tutoring

Enhance course experiences and teach the courses that require a real teacher without your students having to leave their homes. Reliable video conferencing at affordable rates means that students and teachers can avail of one on one tutoring or virtual classroom learning without having to leave home.

Distance Learning

Teach large courses to entire classes of students scattered around the globe. These students can benefit from qualified and experienced teachers without ever leaving home. Improve online learning by allowing students of an online class from around the world to interact with each other by using the various features of video conferencing, sharing and chat systems.


Take care of patients virtually by using video conferencing one on one features.

Global Collaborations

Collaborate with international partners during projects.

Video Interviews to recruit employees

Interview potential candidates from around the world without leaving home or your office.

Saving Money on Costly Travel

Instead of having to travel far away for a potential job, give an interview by video conferencing. Instead of spending thousands and feeling the discomfort of life away from home employ web conferencing to work on a joint project, conduct research, teach a class, or stay connected with a stay at home or remote employees.

Staying Connected while Travelling

If you have to travel but need to keep in touch with your workplace, it would be a good idea to obtain a reliable and cost-effective video conferencing service before you leave. That way, you can work on your project and stay connected while traveling.

Budget Required

Video Conferencing can cost from 15 dollars per month for a basic plan to 360 dollars per month for video conferencing services with more features. Traditional video conferencing systems with hardware, integrated equipment, and installation costs for business and company use may be more expensive and can cost from 10,000 to 20,000 dollars.


Video conferencing is now an essential need for any business. Dependable, fast, and efficient audio, visual connections can enhance business and improve efficiency. Your business should have access to this time and money-saving facility so you can improve and grow your business. Fill out our form and choose the video conferencing services you need to get connected to the world today.

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