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In today’s world, technology has provided us with many benefits including the ability to keep an eye on the movements outside your office or home from any remote location through video surveillance system.

The security camera system works like a third eye for your property and prevents robbers, employees, and even housekeepers from doing anything unlawful. The surveillance camera system also records the events – inside and outside your premises, which in turn helps the authorities with investigations if a criminal act takes place.

Additionally, with a surveillance system, you can keep an eye on your children, elders, and even pets from your work place and ensure their safety – 24/7.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the types of video surveillance systems available:

Types of video surveillance system:

CCTV – Closed circuit television

CCTV is a security camera system, which was initially designed to convert light into video signals. It transfers the content of the camera to a designated place. CCTV security systems contain several security cameras that function collectively and a person can keep a watch on the activities via an indoor system of computer, which observes the monitored area at all times. CCTV is commonly used to ensure surveillance in shopping malls, banks and huge retail shops.

Wireless camera system

In a standard CCTV, cameras transmit the signals through wires. However, in a wireless camera system, the camera’s video is transferred through the radio frequency. The video transported through a built-in storage gadget to the monitor or receiver. Wireless camera system has eliminated the need for huge stacks of wire that were once needed for the installation of these cameras. The wires also gave out a signal to the criminals of the presence of a security camera system and hence, it was easy for them to hinder the connection by cutting the wire.

Luckily, wireless camera systems eliminated the problem and made it almost impossible to aware the criminals of it’s presence. Moreover, the wireless camera has the ability to function, even when the power is off, hence more beneficial and safer.

Megapixel cameras

Megapixel cameras provide the buyer a range of options of the quality of the images and videos captured by the security camera. For example if the purpose of the camera is to identify customers or people, then one must go for a 1080p camera system with a full frame rate of lower than 30 frames per second because of the high frequencies required to transfer information to the camera.

Vandal proof security camera

Even if there is an excellent security system, there is still a danger of the robbers damaging the camera with a heavy object to destroy evidence of the crime. Vandal Proof Security System ensures that such incident does not happen in any case. This is because it is made in such a way that the main technological parts are safe inside its shell and cannot be damaged. In fact, even the lens is so robust that it cannot be destroyed.

This security system is the most useful at banks where it can be utilized to protect the vaults from any misdemeanor.

Thermal security camera

Thermal security cameras are unique pieces of equipment that can detect heat from an individual or an object – along with guarding the location. This means that if anyone tries to hamper with the camera, the alarm connected with the camera system sets off – alerting the authorities.

Home video security system

As the name suggests a home video security system is one, which secures the house through a video system. However, this is not its only function. Along with constant surveillance outdoors and indoors, it also has motion sensors, which are fixed on doors and windowsills. If there is any unusual movement around the house, the alarm goes off, alerting the police, the neighbors, and the residents.

The home security system consists of a control panel, which receives video images of the events that occur around the house. One of the top rated home video security systems is Arlo Pro because it functions completely without wires; has free storage and excellent ability to withstand wear and tear as a result of extreme climate outdoors.

Prices of Video Surveillance systems

The prices of the camera systems depend on how large the area is to be covered and the type of camera system one chooses according to their needs.

For example, a home security camera system costs around $1000-$1500 which includes cameras, a monitor and installation charges. However, the price can increase if you add on motion sensors and other security features.

If you are looking for a CCTV camera system, you can expect to pay around $1200, which is suggested for small business premises such as small shops, basements and go-downs. The price range also varies according to the quality of the video image. The 1080p camera will definitely be higher than the 720p one.

The wireless camera system is cheaper than wired camera systems. Wired camera systems cost around $4000 while wireless will cost you around $1200. This is mainly because of the companies producing efficiently in competitive markets. Additionally, the cost of wires is being deducted while installation also becomes easier due to the lack of wiring.

A standard thermal camera system costs higher than $1000. This is the price range for cameras that detect and temperatures 200 feet away. On the other hand, a vandal proof security camera costs around $200-$250.

The price can also vary according to the brand you choose, your location, and add-on features that you decide to integrate with your video surveillance system.

Where to find the best video surveillance system

If you are looking to enhance security around your home, office, or business location – you have come to the right place. We deal in all kinds of security video systems and ensure that consumer’s satisfaction is achieved at all times.

To find out more about the best video surveillance system for your property, add your details to the form above. Our team will get in touch with you instantly and help you find the most suitable system for your premises.

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